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There are many reasons why people drive recklessly. Most of these reasons involve simple carelessness or impatience. Law enforcement officers are often eager to charge a person with reckless driving, and prosecutors are even more eager to prosecute someone charged with reckless driving. If you are facing a reckless driving charge, a Dale City traffic lawyer can help (we also provide services for traffic violations across Virginia). Our attorneys know what it takes to win these cases because we have represented other clients in the past against similar charges. Although every case will be unique because the circumstances are always different in each instance, we recognize  themes that can be carried from case to case and will know what details we can raise to aid in your defense.

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What exactly is reckless driving? Most people know that reckless driving involves speeding, but they are not sure what “kind” of speeding it involves. Reckless driving is defined as driving more than 20 mph over the posted speed limit or driving over 80 mph regardless of the posted limit. In areas where the speed is not clearly posted or where signs are obstructed by trees, bushes, or other blocking factors, it can be easy to exceed the posted limit by more than 20 mph, even without being particularly careless. If you’re in a hurry, sometimes you may not even realize you are speeding because you are so completely focused on arriving at your destination. A knowledgeable attorney with our firm knows the laws pertaining to reckless driving and will fight for your rights in court in order to help you avoid any unjust penalties. If you have any questions about these laws and what penalties you could be facing if you are found to be in violation of any of them, please visit the Virginia DMV site for more information, or contact a Dale City traffic lawyer at 888-415-8090 for a free consultation.

Being charged with reckless driving is no small matter. Besides being a misdemeanor and facing jail time, you could find that your everyday activities are impaired as a result of a reckless driving conviction. For example, if you like to travel in your spare time, a reckless driving conviction can greatly hinder this. Some countries, such as Canada, don’t allow convicted criminals to travel within their borders. Some car rental companies may choose to deny you access to a rental car based on your conviction. We will work to prevent a reckless driving charge from turning into a conviction, with penalties that could potentially interfere with your life. We also have attorneys in Maryland who are ready to help you defend yourself against any traffic charges you might face, so please visit our Maryland traffic lawyer for more information about the attorneys we have in that office and how they might be able to help you.

Dale City Traffic Lawyer

If you need legal representation for your reckless driving charge, the traffic attorneys with our firm can help. Our team are extensively knowledgeable in the rulings and precedents regarding these laws, as well as traffic laws in Virginia in general, and can employ a variety of strategies to get your charges dropped or diminished. For example, we can challenge the accuracy of the radar device that clocked you driving over the speed limit, as many of them may not be calibrated correctly and may report false readings. We can also negotiate for a lesser charge on your behalf. When you go to a free consultation with one of our attorneys, we will make sure that you completely understand the facts of your case, the charge you are facing, and what penalties you might face if convicted. We will also go over our strategy with you and let you know every move we are going to make. We will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the process, while carefully preserving your rights and best interests.