Manassas Reckless Driving Lawyer

Anytime you go before a judge for a reckless driving charge, you face potential jail time. And anytime you face the possibility of jail time, a criminal defense lawyer is a worthwhile consideration. Whether you have been to court several times or never before, a Manassas traffic lawyer like those with our firm can be your advocate, working to ensure you get the best possible results. A positive result in this area can be defined a few ways. First, the goal will be to have the case thrown out of court entirely, meaning that you don’t have to spend any more time worrying about it or the impact that it will eventually have on your life. After that we will look to have the charge reduced to a less serious violation that carries with it less stringent penalties. If those two fail, we will take the case to trial and look for a positive resolution in the more traditional sense.

Many people are charged with reckless driving and had no idea at the time that they were committing a criminal offense. The Virginia reckless driving law is quite subjective and open to interpretation by the police. A Manassas reckless driving attorney is there to ensure the law is applied correctly and that you are given a fair shake in the criminal justice system. From challenging the officer’s version of events to protecting your constitutional rights, they are your advocate when it seems like everyone else is out to get you. If you have any other questions about reckless driving laws in Virginia and throughout the Country, you can schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney, or consult the Virginia DMV site.

Experienced Manassas Reckless Driving Lawyer

Our attorneys understand that not all cases are the same. Though they may have handled numerous different reckless driving cases, they recognized that each one required an individualized defense strategy. Your case will likely be heard in the Prince William General District Court at 9311 Lee Avenue. The Manassas attorneys with our firm have handled cases here before. They know the local players and have likely represented clients in front of the same judge that will be sitting on your case. Experience has its benefits. But these lawyers and our Manassas speeding ticket lawyers also know that your case is unique and are committed to treating it as such.

Working with a reckless driving lawyer in Manassas involves putting your trust in someone who knows the system and can help you understand what’s going on in the case against you. It usually begins with a consultation, where you discuss the specifics of your case with one of the Manassas reckless driving attorneys. From that point, the lawyer can tell you what options might be available to you and how they would be able to assist you with your case going forward.

The attorneys with our firm are standing by to speak with you. Contact us today by emailing or phoning to receive a free initial consultation. During that consultation, we recommend that you bring with you any facts or pieces of evidence that may even be remotely associated with your case. It will allow our lawyers to review the evidence and put together a strong strategy on your behalf. Even if it is something that you don’t think is very important to the eventual outcome, but still has anything to do with your case, you want to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind that can be even remotely beneficial.