Mecklenburg County Reckless Driving Lawyer

If you have been pulled over for reckless driving in Mecklenburg County, there are some important things you should know when facing your charge. This isn’t the same as a speeding ticket—you can’t just mail in a check and forget about it. Reckless driving is a criminal charge, one that can have serious consequences. If it can be proven that you have placed yourself, other motorists or pedestrians in danger with your driving behavior, the courts are not likely to be lenient. A Mecklenburg County reckless driving lawyer will help bring clarity to the process and fight for the best possible outcome to your case.

Experienced Mecklenburg County Reckless Driving Attorney

Our Virginia traffic attorneys know that there is no one single behavior that constitutes reckless driving. The broad legal definition espoused in the Code of Virginia means that there are many behaviors that can result in a citation for this offense. The decision to charge you with this offense rests with the officer at the scene. Their interpretation of what is reckless is often subjective, and it could be different from not only yours, but the judge’s as well. For this reason, having an experienced advocate on your side can help you uncover what actually happened on the date of your arrest and whether or not it should be considered a crime at all.

If you have been charged with reckless driving, or even if you feel as though a potential charge could be on the horizon, it is important you look for an attorney that has experience in this type of case.  When you pick an attorney to represent you in a reckless driving case, you are entrusting that attorney with your driving privileges and your welfare. The element of experience is important because you want to make sure your attorney understands what types of roadblocks might stand in your way as you work towards the best possible result in your case. It is important for you to secure an attorney in whom you have confidence, and who has clearly demonstrated the ability to handle and win reckless driving cases in Virginia.

While racing, failing to signal, aggressive driving, and excessive speeding could all be considered reckless, the unique facts of your case are what could mean the difference between a reckless driving conviction and a dismissal of charges, or between a lenient sentence and jail time. The Mecklenburg County reckless driving lawyers with our firm are aware that the penalties for this offense can include up to one year in jail, fines, loss of your license, points on your driving record, and a criminal record. They know that none of these consequences are positive and can fight tirelessly to avoid the worst of these penalties. If you have any questions about the violations that constitute reckless driving, please contact us for a full list of the things that could be accompanied by a criminal charge and potentially time in prison if you are convicted.

Working With A Reckless Driving Lawyer In Mecklenburg County

No two reckless driving cases are ever the same, so you will want an attorney with a background in a variety of criminal traffic offenses in Virginia.  By discussing the unique facts of your case with a reckless driving lawyer in Mecklenburg County, you can determine what, if any, options are available to you to reduce the likelihood that you’ll go to jail for this offense. Your criminal defense attorney is your personal advocate in the system. He or she will help you understand the entire process while working towards a positive result.

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