Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In Norfolk, speeding offenses are treated very seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges. A Norfolk traffic lawyer can help you to navigate the legal system and build a defense so that your charges can be either reduced or dismissed altogether. Call today to schedule a consultation with a speeding ticket lawyer in Virginia to discuss your case and how to proceed.

Aggressive Representation in Norfolk

It is important to have an aggressive Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer because you need somebody on your side who is willing to fight for you to make sure that your side of the story is clearly explained to the judge and that your voice is heard. An aggressive Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer will fight to protect your rights and will do everything possible in order to give you the best results in your case.

A Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer won’t back down and will stand-up to the officer no matter how relentless the officer is and will not budge in regards to what is required of the officer’s testimony. This is particularly important when it comes to getting something reduced on a technicality based on something that an officer did incorrectly.

Speeding Offenses in Norfolk, VA

In Norfolk and throughout Virginia there are two categories of speeding offenses. These are traffic infractions and criminal charges. Misdemeanors and felonies are both considered criminal charges.

The difference between criminal charges and traffic infractions is that traffic infractions for speeding will affect only someone’s driving record, while reckless driving is a misdemeanor which affects someone’s criminal record in addition to their driving record.

Within each, the penalties increase as the speed increases with the charge ranging from a simple traffic infraction to a misdemeanor once the speed reaches over 80 miles per hour or 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Appearing In Court

For a speeding ticket you do not have to show up to court because speeding tickets are only infractions. They are not punishable by any jail time which means that a court appearance is optional not mandatory.

For a reckless driving charge, since it is a criminal offense, there is jail time possible. This means that the driver will have to appear in court and answer to the charge.

How an Attorney Can Help

It is important to seek an experienced Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer because driving privileges are absolutely crucial to most people. If someone were to lose their driving privileges, it could affect not only their family, but it can also affect their job.

For this reason it is important to have somebody on your side that you know has done this successfully many times before. You want to make sure that a Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer is helping you to know what to expect and what the best defenses for you are and has done so on various occasions prior to your case.

Is Reckless Driving a Speeding Ticket in Norfolk?

Reckless driving is not necessarily a speeding ticket but there is reckless driving by speed in Virginia. The difference is that a regular speeding ticket is just an infraction whereas reckless driving by speed is a criminal charge. If you have been charged for reckless driving, consult with a Norfolk reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Contact a Local Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer

An experienced Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer is familiar with the charge, the local court, and knows what each particular judge does with cases similar to your own. While each case has its own facts and nuances, an experienced Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer can have a good general feel for the likely outcome from a specific judge in the local court based on past experiences in front of the same judge in the same court.

Each court and each judge may have unique customs or unwritten policies about how reckless driving cases should be treated. Knowing what to expect and what may help the case helps you to better prepare before your court date so that when you walk out of court you would have gotten the best case outcome for your charges.