Norfolk Uniform Demerit Point System

If convicted of a traffic charge in Norfolk you will likely have demerit points added to your license. Below a Norfolk traffic lawyer discusses the demerit point system and what these charges could mean for your license. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.

What is the Uniform Demerit Point System?

The Uniform Demerit Point System of Virginia is the system used to assess demerit points on Virginia driving records. The Department of Motor Vehicles has assigned a set number of points to each traffic offense, which is available through DMV in person or online. After someone receives a conviction then the set amount of points are assigned to their driving record and remain for two years. The length of time that the conviction remains on the record varies for each offense. If somebody racks up too many points too quickly, then this can result in their driver’s license being suspended. Too many points is 18 points within one year or 24 points within two years.

In order to have any points removed you are required to have one year of positive driving behavior, meaning no new convictions, for one positive point. You also have the option of taking a Driver Improvement Course voluntarily every two years. As long as the court hasn’t included this as a consequence of another charge, then it will give you 5 additional points for your driving record. The DMV will notify any driver’s insurance company as soon as they are made aware of new convictions. This can cause insurance premiums to go up typically for three years.Every state has the option to choose its own demerit point system. Virginia doesn’t include points for infractions in other jurisdictions nor does Virginia’s point system apply to out of state drivers.

Can You Challenge Demerit Points?

You can’t challenge the actual points assessed on your license but you have the ability to challenge the convictions that ultimately led to the points. You have the right to appeal your case within 10 days of receiving your conviction and, assuming your case gets dismissed, then the points will be dismissed as well.

How Can a Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help If You Receive Demerit Points?

If your driving privileges have been jeopardized, a Norfolk traffic lawyer can help you petition the court to qualify for a restricted driver’s license. A restricted driver’s license is issued sometimes when someone has a suspended license in order to allow the driver to drive to a limited set of places such as work, school, medical appointments, and to religious services. Even though you won’t be able to drive a car around to wherever you wish, you still retain the basic freedom that comes with the privilege of driving, so that your job and your life at home is not compromised. The best thing to do is to hire a Norfolk traffic lawyer before your driving privileges become jeopardized, so that you can be represented from the beginning. This way, you have the opportunity of having a lawyer that can argue to have the charges reduced or dismissed  so that your license doesn’t end up being suspended at all.