Alexandria Traffic Stops

When someone has been pulled over by police in Alexandria for whatever reason, they will most likely be asked a handful of questions by the attorney. For the majority of people the safest bet is to decline to answer any questions directed to them by the police. Regardless of what a person is ultimately charged with, they should wait until they get in touch with an Alexandria speeding ticket lawyer before they make any statements to law enforcement officers.

When Pulled Over by Alexandria Police

It’s best to just be quiet and cooperative, but it is okay to ask why you were pulled over if it’s not clear what you’re being charged with. Whatever you do, you should never argue with the officer and you should never admit to anything. Leave the argumentation to your Alexandria speeding ticket attorney who has experience dealing with similar situations and understands the process.

It doesn’t really matter when you look at the ticket. Generally, if you look at the ticket at the stop and there is something wrong with it that you feel the need to tell the officer, getting out of your vehicle and running over to the officer is not going to be the best option for you. If there is something that needs to be questioned, you should just call the police station or the court later on. It’s okay to just look at the ticket later as well.

Getting Pulled Over by an Unmarked Vehicle

If you’re pulled over by an unmarked vehicle and the officer comes out in plain clothes, you could absolutely ask to see the officer’s badge.This is a good way to know if you’re being pulled over by a real officer. If the officer for any reason refuses to show you his badge, this is a red flag and cause for alarm and you should contact the police station immediately and not roll down your window or open your door no matter what the officer says. Another way is just to tell the officer that you’re concerned for your safety and then go ahead and call the police department to verify that you are being pulled over by a legitimate officer.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During a Traffic Stop in Alexandria

During a traffic stop in Alexandria, the biggest mistake to avoid is admitting anything to police officers. You don’t want to make the police officers job any easier and you don’t want to build the case against yourself. A lot of times, people go to an Alexandria speeding ticket attorney saying that they don’t think they’re really going that fast, but when the officer ask them how fast they were going, they answer the question with a speed that is considered to be speeding. They’ve already admitted that they know they were wrong even if it’s not the exact speed that the officer claimed they were going. Don’t admit to anything. Don’t answer those kinds of questions and let your attorney figure it out later.

Another big mistake to avoid during a traffic stop is being uncooperative or rude or doing anything that’s going to rub the police officer the wrong way and possibly create more turmoil for you in the situation. Officers have no idea who you are; all they are there for is to issue you the ticket, do their job, and move on. If you make this difficult or if you threaten them in anyway, then their natural instinct is to protect themselves and to lash back. You don’t want to be the person thrown into handcuffs because they mouthed off at an officer.