Leesburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

When you are faced with charges of reckless driving, you need someone on your side, representing your best interests in the local courts. Reckless driving is not as simple as a traffic ticket or a fine. You could be facing jail time, a suspended license and costly fines. A Leesburg traffic lawyer with our firm will fight to help mitigate these consequences and get you a positive outcome at your day in court should you have to go to trial.

Because some of the actions that can lead to a reckless driving charge are not malicious, many people do not know they are breaking the law. The legal system can be complex and even confusing, but a Leesburg reckless driving attorney can help. By investigating every aspect of your case and working with the prosecution, your attorney can work to clear your name when your future is on the line. If you are ultimately convicted of this type of charge, you could stand to lose your driving privileges, and if you rely on your ability to drive to get to work, that could lead to some professional difficulties. Our attorneys don’t just work towards obtaining a positive result in your case at trial; we also work toward minimizing the effects of that charge on your professional and personal life.

Experienced Leesburg Reckless Driving Attorney

Our experienced Leesburg reckless driving lawyers understand what you are up against. They also understand what you are going through as a defendant. They have handled cases like yours and represented many clients in the Loudoun County General District Court located at 18 Market Street in Leesburg, which is where your case will be heard if it goes to trial. While some people do not view reckless driving as a severe crime, anytime you face the possibility of a year in jail, fines, and a suspended license, it is a serious matter. Don’t take your case lightly just because it feels like a typical traffic ticket. The penalties associated with a criminal conviction are steep, and especially in the case of reckless driving, they are likely to hamper your life moving forward.

If you are curious about the charge you face, or what you did to incur an arrest and not just a regular traffic ticket, our Leesburg speeding ticket attorneys will be able to answer any questions you might have during your free consultation. We offer that service to our clients for several reasons, but chief among them is that we think it is important for you to fully understand every aspect of your case before it eventually goes to trial, if it gets that far. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with any aspect of our representation, and the first step in building a trustworthy relationship is to establish a foundation of understanding.

Our Leesburg Reckless Driving Attorneys are experienced in handling local reckless driving cases and are willing to help. They work tirelessly to help ensure their clients get a fair shake in court. Whether you are innocent of the charges against you or you recognize your mistake and are ready to take responsibility, they will assist you in bringing about the best outcome that can be reached. Our attorneys promise to give your case the individualized attention it needs.

If you’ve been charged with reckless driving in Leesburg, Virginia, call us today. Even if you haven’t been formally charged as of yet, it is a smart idea to get in touch with one of our attorneys as soon as possible. That way they can start reviewing the facts of your case and building a defense strategy on your behalf. There is no reason to wait, and contacting us early gives us more time to uncover the facts and construct a defense strategy tailored to your unique case.