Dinwiddie Speeding Ticket Lawyer 

Speeding is a common traffic offense in Dinwiddie. Individuals might be going much over the speed limit and still find themselves with a speeding ticket. The consequences of a ticket include increased insurance costs, points on your license, and in some instances, license suspension. A skilled defense lawyer can help attempt to mitigate these consequences. Contact a Dinwiddie speeding ticket lawyer if you have received a ticket and wish to contest your ticket.

Expectations of a Speeding Ticket

Individuals should expect the same for a speeding ticket that they would for reckless driving. They are going to be given some paperwork that will allow them to contact the clerk’s office to find out more information about prepayment, what they are charged with, and when and where to appear. They might be able to give them some information about local attorneys. A lot of these drivers are out of state and do not know who to contact in Virginia. It is going to have the officer’s information as well as the law enforcement agency’s information on it. They can decide from there what the next step is.

Common Factors in Dinwiddie Speeding Cases

In all of Southern Virginia, speeding is very prevalent, particularly in the interstate cases. If it is not a speeding charge, it is a driver suspended charge. Most people are caught speeding on the interstates. They are looking for folks going over 80 on the interstate because that is the easiest reckless driving ticket. There are not freeways in Southern Virginia, but Dinwiddie has Interstate 85 and the standard back roads. It is a rural county. Back roads are 55 unless posted otherwise and 25 to 35 in town. There are different speeding offenses. A person could be going one over, two over, or more. Virginia categorizes speeding and it goes one to nine, 10 to 14, and 14 to 19 before a person gets into reckless. They must be going 11 over to be reckless.

Impact of Zoning on Speed Limits

There are not any parks because it is so rural. A person wants to look out for school zones. Right now in Southern Virginia on the interstate, people want to look out for construction zones. The speed limit has been lowered to 60. If a person gets charged going through a construction zone, perhaps they missed the one or two signs where it is not a knockdown, judges are very protective of (VDOT) workers. If they go through the zone 10 miles over and there are people working, they will ask law enforcement what lane where they were in, how close were the workers, and how many workers were there. They most likely will not do anything for then as far as lowering the charge, and they might actually increase the penalties.

Ways Dinwiddie Speeding Tickets Are Issued

There is a multitude of ways speeding tickets can be issued. A person may get pulled over and the officer will fish for a confession or for some explanation. They will issue them a summons that will tell when they are supposed to appear in court. A summons is provided on the side of the road unless they are going 100 and then they will be arrested.

Police officers will often use radar to detect and determine whether an individual is speeding or not. Dinwiddie is a large scale radar county. There have not been many cases with LIDAR or pacing. When trying to prove the validity of their speed recording, law enforcement will often rely on testimony. The local general district judge is very law enforcement friendly, so their testimony is weighed more heavily.

An individual should go to court if they want to represent themselves and contest guilt or plead guilty and ask the court for a break. If they want to do any of those things, it is imperative that an individual attends their trial. A Dinwiddie speeding ticket lawyer can answer questions about whether or not someone needs to show up after they have hired representation.

Consequences of a Speeding Ticket

For a speeding ticket, the worst penalty is going to be a fine and insurance consequences for some people with a history of driving issues. One or more speeding tickets could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. A person has to be aware of what their state’s DMV requirements are as far as points. The ticket that they get in Virginia can carry more points in their home state, based on the speed they were going. They are going to suspend a person’s license unless that person has a terrible record in which the DMV will do that automatically.

Role of a Lawyer

A Dinwiddie speeding ticket lawyer’s job is to get to the best possible outcome for you. Generally, in a reckless driving, your attorney is trying to get that down to speeding or non-moving and speeding. A capable lawyer can work with you to get it down to non-moving or dismissed by whatever means necessary and available. If you have received a speeding ticket, contact a Dinwiddie speeding ticket lawyer and know that you are in good hands.