Richmond Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding offenses in Richmond can be very serious, resulting in high fines and significant DMV points, which can then result in a possible license suspension by the DMV and long-term increases in insurance premiums. In addition to the basic speeding charges, speeding 20 miles over the speed limit or over 80 can result in a reckless driving charge which comes with the possibility of jail or license suspension. And finally, the accumulation of speeding convictions can result in possible license suspension by the DMV which can affect your ability to work if you drive for a living or even more important if you have a CDL. A Richmond speeding ticket lawyer can help if you are facing a speeding ticket or even if you’re facing reckless driving charges, which is a criminal offense in Richmond. To learn more or discuss your case call and schedule a consultation with a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer today.

The Advantages of a Richmond Speeding Ticket Lawyer

There are a lot of advantages to having an experienced speeding ticket attorney handle a speeding ticket in the Richmond area.

Depending on the facts of a case and your record, a Richmond speeding ticket lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to get your charge either reduced or dismissed. Also, they can challenge the officer’s testimony and evidence provided to the court and helps you in providing mitigating evidence, such as a speedometer calibration, in an effort to get the matter reduced or dismissed. They can also use their knowledge of the courts and knowledge of the prosecutors to walk you through the process so that the damage is minimized.

Speeding Offenses in Richmond

Speeding offenses in Richmond kind of vary. There are low-end speeding tickets like speeding 1 to 9 or 10 to 14 over the limit and then they increase, so there’s obviously a speeding charge that’s 14 to 19 over the limit and then 20 over.  You can be charged with speeding or reckless if you’re going 20 over it’s at the discretion of the officer. There’s also speeding tickets that are imposed for speeding in a school zone or residential area and there’s increased fines and tickets for speeding in what’s called a safety corridor. If you are facing reckless driving charges a Richmond reckless driving lawyer can help.

How A Richmond Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help

The main goal for a Richmond speeding ticket lawyer in a speeding charge is to either get the matter reduced to a charge that won’t affect the record or even possibly get the matter dismissed.

A speeding ticket attorney will determine if the officer can prove the case, do they have their radar documentation or their PACE information in court. Next, your Richmond speeding ticket lawyer will attempt to negotiate with the officer and/or the prosecutor to get an agreement to possibly get the charge reduced or dismissed.

There are always a number of factors involved in a speeding case.  A lot will depend on the driving record involved, an individual’s demeanor and behavior during the stop. And if there were any other aggravating circumstances to the case. A speeding ticket attorney in Richmond is going to try and prepare a defense and use their knowledge of the court again to try to minimize any penalties.

Showing Up To Court for Richmond Speeding Tickets

You do not always need to appear on a speeding ticket. If you’re just planning on paying it, you can prepay the ticket, however if you were to do so it would basically be pleading guilty and you will receive all of the points that come with it. If you retain counsel, an attorney can often appear in court on your behalf and get the matter finalized without you having to appear.

How Do Officers Prove You Were Speeding?

There’s a number of ways an officer will enforce and attempt to show that you were speeding in Richmond. Number one, they will testify as to the observations they made, in other words what brought your vehicle to their attention. Number two, they will testify as to how they determined your speed, whether it was through radar or PACE. Finally, they’ll present evidence showing that either the radar device was working accurately that day or that their vehicle’s speedometer was accurate in a pace case.

What to Expect from Richmond Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets in Virginia come with up to $250 fine and the possibility of 6 points. Those fines can be increased if the ticket is received in a special area like a work zone or school zone or what’s referred to as a safety corridor. They can typically expect these points to be imposed immediately, which again can result in issues with DMV and also increase insurance premiums.