Speeding Cases in Richmond, VA

Speeding in Richmond, very simply, is moving at a rate of speed above the posted speed limit, such as if you’re going over 65 in a 55 zone. In Virginia, you can actually be pulled over for going only 5 miles over the limit. This does not happen very often, but such rigid enforcement is done in school zones or residential areas.

What many people don’t realize about speeding tickets in Virginia, however, is the effect that it can have on their DMV record and then in turn their insurance. People don’t realize that points often come with a speeding ticket which can result in high point accumulation which can then lead to the DMV to suspending your license. Additionally only one or two tickets a year can create an issue where your insurance premiums making driving very costly.

For this reason, it is important to take every speeding charge or citation as seriously as possible and consult with a Richmond speeding ticket lawyer if you are cited. A lawyer will be able to provide you with guidance on how to proceed and inform you of the most likely result in your case. Call today to learn more.

Evidence Used in Speeding Cases

If you decide to appeal your case and it is taken to court, what the officer will do is testify to how they determined you were speeding.  They will testify how your vehicle triggered a radar reading above the speed limit or pacing your vehicle at a certain speed.  Then, they’ll provide evidence as to the radar’s accuracy or their vehicle’s accuracy.

In many cases it is often just your word versus the officer’s, and 9 out of 10 time if that’s the case you will lose. What an attorney can do is present evidence that the radar the officer was using was not calibrated correctly and/or that possibly your speedometer wasn’t working correctly.

How Are Traffic Radar Tools Used in Court?

Traffic radar tools are used to detect most speeding case in Virginia, probably 90% to 95%. The courts regard radar devices as very accurate the law enforcement depends on these tools to prove speeding cases.

If an officer can show the radar device was properly calibrated and maintained the Court’s will take the readings as fact.  An attorney can attempt to show the device was not working correctly, was not used properly by the officer, or that there was an issue with your vehicle did not inform you of your proper speed.

Do I Need To Show Up To Court For A Speeding Ticket?

You’re not always required to appear in Court on a speeding ticket. An attorney can often appear on your behalf, however, if you do not have an attorney and you don’t appear, the court will find you guilty in your absence. In most speeding cases your attorney can handle the matter on your behalf but there are instances it is beneficial to be there to avail yourself of the court, especially if you have multiple prior convictions on your record.

What Should An Out-Of-State Driver Do If They Are Facing a Speeding Ticket In Virginia?

An out-of-state driver receiving a ticket in Virginia should most definitely contact a local Richmond attorney. You’re going to want an attorney that understands the policies and procedures in the city of Richmond and that can explain to you what the possible penalties are and how these might affect your record or ability to drive in your own state.

You’re also going to want an attorney that knows how to negotiate on your behalf, knows how to mitigate these charges, and provide you with kind of an overview of the best defenses possible trying to get your matters reduced or dismissed.

Consulting With An Attorney

If you’ve been pulled over and issued a speeding ticket, contact an attorney in Richmond today to discuss your case and how to proceed. Call and schedule a free consultation today.