First Thing To Do If Facing Speeding Charges in Richmond, VA

Although it may seem like a minor offense, speeding in Virginia can carry serious consequences such as fines, points on your license, and in some cases jail time. For this reason, if accused, it’s important you take the necessary steps to minimize your charge as much as possible. Below, a Richmond speeding ticket lawyer discusses the first steps you should take after receiving a speeding ticket charge, and why hiring an attorney is so important.

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Facing Serious Traffic Charges In Richmond

The first thing someone should do if they’re facing serious traffic charges in Richmond, Virginia is to contact a local Richmond attorney that understands the laws and how they’re applied in Richmond and understands the defenses available in the Richmond court that may not be available elsewhere.

You’re going to want an attorney that has knowledge of the prosecutors and the judges as well as the policies and procedures that may be unique to the Richmond courts. You will also want an attorney with an understanding of how Richmond operates, and the defenses and mitigating factors that the courts in Richmond will consider that your local jurisdiction may not. A local attorney simply brings a level of experience to an issue that outside counsel likely won’t have.

Richmond Out of State Driver Charges

If you’re an out-of-state driver with a ticket in Virginia, a retaining a local Richmond lawyer is in your best interest.  A local attorney will be in the best position to educate you about your case so that you understand the possible penalties involved and how they can affect your life in your home state. More importantly however, they can also use their knowledge of the local court system to prepare your case in order to get the best result possible.

Why is Hiring An Experienced Lawyer Important?

It’s important to get the assistance of an experienced speeding attorney in Richmond because an attorney can attempt to get the charges reduced or dismissed. The issue with these tickets that most people ignore is that the DMV demerit points that come with a conviction can lead to an administrative suspension by DMV and issues with your employment if you need to drive for work.

In addition to that, these charges can and often do result in increased insurance premiums which can last several years. Having an attorney to get the charge reduced or dismissed can have long-term benefits.