Newport News Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding offenses can be very serious in Newport News. They can start off as just simple traffic infractions but they can rise to the level of being a criminal conviction. A Newport News traffic lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and figure out what the difference is so that you will be best prepared when you go to court. To learn more about your charge and what can be done, consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in Virginia today.

Speeding Offenses in Newport News

In Newport News there is simple speeding and reckless driving. Those are the two major speeding offenses.

The difference between the two is that simple speeding is a traffic infraction, which will only affect a person’s driving record, whereas reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, which can have an effect on someone’s criminal record if they get a conviction. A criminal conviction will last forever making it important that a Newport News reckless driving lawyer is contacted as soon as you are charged..

Within each specific speeding offense, the penalties are going to be worse as the speed increases, with the charge changing from a traffic infraction to a criminal misdemeanor if the speed rises over 80 miles/hour or over 20 miles/hour over the speed limit that is posted.

A Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Newport News Can Help

A lot of people believe a speeding ticket isn’t a big deal because it isn’t permanent, and sometimes it doesn’t even affect insurance rates. However, it is good to have a Newport News speeding ticket lawyer because the risk is that if you get another speeding ticket or anything else happens to go wrong later, then you run the risk of accumulating too many demerit points and then having your driver’s license suspended.

It is important to have a Newport News speeding ticket lawyer by your side so that you can take care of the charges as they come, before they become a much bigger issue and become much harder to handle. It is important for you to have a driver’s license. Most people couldn’t function properly without driving to work every day. You don’t want to compromise this by just going ahead and paying a fine because it is not really a big deal at that moment.

Do I Need to Appear in Court For a Speeding Ticket?

For a speeding ticket you are not obligated to go to court. If you decide that you don’t feel like going to court and you just prepay the ticket, it is the same thing as pleading guilty and accepting consequences of the charge.

This is different from reckless driving because it is mandatory in reckless driving charges to appear in court. This is because reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, which is a jailable offense and the defendant is required to come to court for criminal charges.

Advantages of a Local Newport News Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The advantages of having an experienced Newport News speeding ticket lawyer is having someone on your side that is more familiar with the system than you that can then guide you through the legal system and through your charge. It is important for your speeding ticket attorney to be experienced, to know the judges, and to know what works or doesn’t work well in cases that are similar to yours.

Each specific case is going to be slightly different, but an experienced Newport News speeding ticket lawyer will be able to pick out the differences that are going to change the way the case goes and determine what the most likely outcome would be in the court that you happen to be in.

Every single court has different customs and unwritten rules and an experienced Newport News speeding ticket lawyer will be able to explain this to you so that you don’t accidentally do something that will hurt your case. Knowing what to expect is definitely helpful and it goes towards helping you to prepare a good case with a strong defense.