Evidence in Newport News Speeding Cases

The most common way an officer will determine that someone was speeding in Newport News is by using specialized equipment such as RADAR and LIDAR, or by pacing the targeted vehicle. If you have been cited using any of these methods, call a Newport News speeding ticket lawyer today to take a look at your case and discuss your options.

Officers Proving  Vehicle Speed in Newport News

An officer is going to be using speed detecting instruments to determine how fast your vehicle was going. Along with each instrument is going to be specific paperwork that shows what the speed was, as well as the history of the equipment, including when it was last maintained and when it was last calibrated. In order for the results of your speed to be deemed accurate enough to be admissible in court, these pieces of paperwork must specify a specific timeframe of when it was last calibrated and maintained.

There is certain information that needs to be included, as well as a very specific manner in which it all has to be recorded. A good speeding ticket attorney will know what to look for in the paperwork to ensure that protocol was followed exactly. If it wasn’t, then this is grounds for dismissal of the charge.

Is It My Word Against The Officers?

It is very easy for people to believe that they weren’t going that fast, however it is not that easy to prove in court that your belief should really substantiate anything. The officer on the other hand has more supporting evidence on his side. It is not really your word against the officer’s.

It is your word against the officer’s paperwork that goes towards his equipment’s calibration and maintenance and the machine’s accuracy. If the officer can show that the machine was properly calibrated and maintained and that it was used properly then there is going to be very little doubt as to whether the speed he charged you with was accurate.

How Do Officers Record Your Speed?

Virginia law enforcement officers can tell you are speeding because they are always monitoring traffic and gauging driver’s speed by using specialized equipment such as LIDAR equipment and RADAR equipment or by using traffic cameras and by pacing vehicles or by setting up speed traps.