Falls Church Reckless Driving Lawyer

Reckless driving charges are not as simple as a speeding ticket—they are a criminal charge and one which a lawyer may be able to help you fight. You may have been in a rush or your temper may have gotten the best of you. As a matter of fact, many people accused of reckless driving are shocked to find out they face criminal charges and not just a traffic infraction. A Falls Church traffic lawyer can help you understand these charges and what sort of long lasting consequences they could have on your life.

Your first step in working with a Falls Church reckless driving attorney is discussing your case with one. Our firm offers a free initial consultation to all prospective clients. Contacting them and talking about the specifics of your case will help you understand what your options are, how to go about retaining an attorney, and just how such a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you with this criminal charge. Any experienced attorney knows that their experience is only as good as their ability to treat each and every case with an individually tailored defense strategy. Hearing the details of your case will assist them determine the best course of action given your specific situation.

How a Falls Church Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Help

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor offense. It carries up to one year in jail, fines reaching $2,500, and suspended driving privileges. No one should have to tell you that these are very serious penalties. Falls Church reckless driving lawyers are there to represent their clients’ best interests. From discussing potential plea agreements with the prosecution to taking the case to trial, your attorney will work to determine what is the best course of action for your particular situation and help to ensure you get the best results possible on your day in court.

Facing reckless driving charges is a serious and possibly frightening matter. The Falls Church reckless driving attorneys with our firm understand your apprehension and your fears. Discussing your case with a lawyer is the first step in being proactive against these accusations. Your case will likely be heard at the Arlington County Court located at 1425 N. Courthouse Road in Arlington. Your attorney can be there for every hearing and can help ensure you are as comfortable as possible during this difficult time.

Reckless driving charges won’t wait for anyone. If you’ve been charged with reckless driving, contact us today.