Brunswick Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Despite someone’s best efforts, it can be difficult to avoid speeding. Handling the resultant speeding ticket alone can make a tough situation worse. If you find yourself with a speeding ticket and no idea how to proceed, let a Brunswick speeding ticket lawyer help you. Skilled defense attorneys with experience in a variety of reckless driving offenses can help you understand your charges and how to move forward.

Speed Limits in Brunswick

The interstate passes through Brunswick and has a posted 70 miles an hour zone. There is currently a work zone in Brunswick that is posted at 60 miles per hour and is a frequent stopping area for local law enforcement. The town roads range from 25 to 45 miles per hour; the back roads in the county are 55. The most common locations where a person may be caught speeding in Brunswick are Interstate 85, particularly in the work zone, and Highway 58. The officer writes the individual a summons at the side of a road. In Brunswick, law enforcement officers generally use speeding detection tools like radar or LIDAR, a surveying method that uses a laser light to measure distance.

Speeding Offenses

The most common speeding offenses that a Brunswick speeding ticket lawyer typically encounters are simple speeding and reckless driving. Speeding-related charges are quite common. A driver can expect to be pulled over for driving just five miles over the speed limit especially if they exhibit some other suspicious behavior or have defects with their vehicle. It is not common for drivers to be pulled at that speed in the county. It is important that a person does not speed in a school zone.

There are no neighborhoods or commercial areas that have lower speeds than the average. However, the work zone on the interstate is a common place to get a ticket. A work zone is an area of construction on the interstate. There are not always Virginia public transportation workers present on the scene. The work zone in Brunswick is, for the time being, permanently characterized as a work zone and set at a lower speed. Even if a driver does not see employees, they can be ticketed for driving what they thought was the speed limit.

Brunswick Penalties and Consequences

Judges look at the driving behavior when determining potential penalties; whether it was speeding or any kind of reckless driving. They look at the behavior of the person who was ticketed to see if they were polite and cooperative. They look at the person’s driving history, particularly for the last five years. With simple speeding, an individual could have points on their license that could result in an automatic suspension depending on their driving record and whether it has points. In addition, the cost of court is assessed along with the fine for speeding. There are generally no other serious consequences of speeding tickets in Brunswick.

Contesting a Ticket

In Brunswick, the officers do not offer any documentation other than their testimony that their equipment was tested and calibrated before and after their shift and found to be working accurately as well as the notes they take are specific to each traffic stop. The driver can give the judge their version of events but the local judge does ask detailed questions in an attempt to get the person to admit that they were possibly speeding. A driver should always appear in court whenever they receive a speeding ticket. That can show the court that the driver takes the speeding ticket seriously. In every case, it can be a way to show the court that an individual respects the law and wants to give their version of events.

Contacting a Brunswick Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The idea with a speeding ticket is to get it out of the moving violation category where points are assessed on a license that affects insurance for years to come. A Brunswick speeding ticket attorney tries to have the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation by showing reasonable doubt about the way the ticket was issued. Individuals charged with speeding in Brunswick may find themselves forced to deal with tickets, points on their license, and even potential suspension of their license. Allow a Brunswick speeding ticket lawyer to help you fight that charge.