Speed Traps in Richmond, Virginia

A speed trap or a speed zone is an area where the speed limit drops very quickly, or an area of the road where speeding is common. This leads to officers setting up in certain areas in these sections of roads for the sole purpose of getting drivers who are not paying attention to either the speed limits or the changing conditions. Typically, what you’ll see is an area where the speed limit drops from let’s say 65 to 55. The officers will set up in the 55 zone and then pull over anyone who has not reduced their speed as required.

If you are pulled over as the result of a speed trap, it is in your best interest to consult with a Richmond speeding ticket lawyer, as they will be able to look at the facts of your stop and advise you on how to proceed. Call today to learn more.

Are There Different Kinds of Speed Traps?

There are different kinds of speed traps in and around the Richmond area. The most common are the ones where the speed limits drops very quickly. Speed traps and speed zones are done primarily to deter speeding in areas where it’s become quite common, where they have received complaints, or where accidents are common.  Officers will set up in an area where there’s heavy congestion and there’s known to be some very serious accidents due to high speed. Most speed zones or speed traps are actually in locations where they’ve had a longstanding history of high speed issues.

How Long After a Posted Speed Limit Do You Have To Slow Down?

After a speed limit change, you have to slow down immediately. There is no timeframe to get into that new speed zone. You’re required to pay attention to the road and when there’s a change and altering of the speed limit you’re required to lower your speed immediately. In many cases, officers will allow a certain level of discretion and allow you a few hundred yards to alter your speed, but they are not required to do this under the law. Speed traps or speed zones are perfectly legal in Richmond.

What Should Everyone Know About Speed Traps in Richmond?

The one thing everyone should know about speed traps or speed zones in Richmond is that they’re actually very common, especially along Interstate 95 as it goes through the city. There’s a significant deviation in the speed on Interstate 95 in and around the city. It varies anywhere from 65 down to 50 and 55. In those areas where it drops there are always either local law enforcement or state troopers running radars and attempting to get speed violators.

Additionally, being caught in a speed trap or a speed zone does not impact your case. It’s not a mitigating factor and it is not a defense you can raise.