Speed Traps in Dinwiddie

No one expects to get a ticket for speeding, and yet, it is one of the more common traffic offenses seen in Dinwiddie. The presence of speed traps in Dinwiddie contributes to the commonness of speeding charges. A speed trap is an area that is notorious for having a lot of law enforcement activity relating to speeding tickets. They are not very common. It is very rural in Dinwiddie so there are not many options for where police officers can patrol.  If you have received a speeding ticket as a result of a speed trap, contact an accomplished speeding ticket lawyer who can begin working on your case.

Speed Traps in Dinwiddie

Law enforcement is going to tell individuals that the purpose of slowing down drivers is to lower the accident numbers for the counties. They will run law statistics that show that the more tickets they have the fewer accidents they have. More pessimistic individuals might say that they are trying to make money. Both are true.

Speed traps in Dinwiddie are places where officers sit to try to get speeding tickets. The implication is that they are not out there for safety reasons but to write speeding tickets.The judge considers that someone is speeding if they admit to going 71 rather than 70. Speed trap is not a popular term in the court system because it implies that the drivers were tricked into speeding, which is not the case. No one tricks an individual into speeding.The judge does not like the implication of that being a trap, however, it is good to clarify the terms.

They only have a few miles of interstate for a person to get through safely. Most frequently on the interstate, people will see the state troopers, because all they do is write tickets and report accidents. The deputies and town cops have to respond to everything else as well as writing tickets.

Locations of Speeding Traps

There are a couple of locations in Dinwiddie where the majority of reckless driving and speeding tickets originate. Those are on Highway 58 and Interstate 85; particularly, the work zone on Interstate 85. The local law enforcement commonly employs traffic documentation stops particularly on big holiday weekends to slow the flow of traffic for safety reasons.

Local law enforcement, county deputies, and employees, as well as town officers, patrol those areas. Lawrenceville has a police department and there is the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s Office. There are a number of patrol vehicles and the Virginia State Police. The local law enforcement tries to amplify police presence to slow the traffic particularly in places like work zones, school zones, and on holiday weekends.Thousands of speeding tickets are written in these areas and probably about 75% of those tickets are written on the interstate.

Value of an Attorney

If you have received a ticket as the result of speed traps in Dinwiddie, you are not alone. Speeding is one of the most common offenses in Dinwiddie and receiving a ticket is also common. However, if you have received a speeding ticket and you wish to contest it, you can get in touch with a qualified speeding lawyer. A speeding lawyer can dispute your speeding ticket and work hard to represent you.