Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney: Woodbridge Teen Charged in ‘Bizarre” Car Wash Crash

A “bizarre” car accident at a Woodbridge car wash has lead to the arrest of an employee after he struck a car and two fellow employees with a customer’s Jeep, removed his shirt, and fled the scene. Nineteen-year-old Miguel Aguirre-Casoverde is said to have lost control of the SUV, injuring a twenty-year-old man and forty-eight-year-old woman who were wiping down the parked car involved in the crash.

The incident occurred at the Sonic Soft Carwash on Jefferson Davis Highway. Witnesses report that the Jeep Commander veered out of the wash bay continuing “in a horseshoe pattern” before pinning a woman near another SUV against the other vehicle. Reports indicate one of the victims was sent “flying into the air” from the force of the impact. All involved are expected to make a full recovery.

Although Aguirre-Casoverde fled the scene, he returned after an hour. He was arrested and charged with reckless driving and hit-and-run, and it was not disclosed whether he has yet retained or been assigned a Virginia reckless driving lawyer to face those charges.

Prince William County Police spokesman Jonathan Perok said that during Aguirre-Casoverde’s processing at the jail, it was discovered that he is not a legal resident of the US:

“Through our investigative procedures at the jail, standard procedures at the jail when anyone is arrested, it was determined that the driver is here illegally, and ICE has been notified.”

Although it was also revealed that Aguirre-Casoverde does not possess a drivers license, that is not a legal requirement to operate a vehicle on private property in Prince William County.