Felony and Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses in Chesterfield

Traffic offenses in Chesterfield can be very serious from speeding tickets to reckless driving. These offenses can carry a long term impact on your driving record, your insurance, and in some cases your criminal record.

If dealing with a traffic case in Chesterfield you should seek experienced counsel to assist you.  A Chesterfield reckless driving attorney can negotiate with the prosecutors to obtain a positive resolution.  In addition, having an attorney with knowledge of the policies and procedures in Chesterfield can ultimately result in a positive outcome. You’re going to want someone that understands what the judges want to see as far as mitigating factors, but also how best to challenge some of the evidence that may be used against you.

Examples of Minor and Major Traffic Offenses in Chesterfield

Minor traffic offenses in Chesterfield are things stop sign violations, running a red light, failure to yield, or a minor speeding tickets like speeding 1-9 or speeding 10- 14. These infractions typically come with fines only and anywhere between 3 and 6 DMV demerit points and a fine of up to $250. Unlike other more serious offenses these violations do not come with a possibility of jail.

Misdemeanor charges are typically charges like reckless driving, aggressive driving, or a DUI and these can come with extremly high fines in addition to the possibility of significant jail time or license suspension.

The last and most serious type of traffic infractions are felony traffic offenses which involve cases such as third DUI cases or habitual offender charges. These often carry the likelihood of a long prison sentence and sometimes permanent revocation of your privilege to drive.

How Can Penalties From a Traffic Violation Negatively Impact Your Life?

The penalties for traffic infractions, misdemeanors and felonies can obviously have a very negative impact on your life and lifestyle. Not only do these charges come with high fines, but the points that are associated with even the most minor offenses can result in increased insurance premiums and license suspension either through the court and/or through DMV.

Misdemeanor and felony cases will not only impact your driving record but you’re your criminal record. These charges can result in the loss of your freedom and the loss of your license. In addition, a conviction will appear on background checks that can affect your ability to maintain employment and obtain a promotion in the future.

First Thing To Do When Facing a Traffic Charges

The first thing someone should do after receiving a serious traffic charge in Chesterfield is to contact a local attorney that understands the laws and defenses available in the courts in Chesterfield. You’re going to want an attorney with knowledge of the policies and procedures of the Chesterfield court, as well as knowledge of the prosecutors and the judges that practice in Chesterfield.

You’re going to want an attorney with an understanding of how the courts operate in Chesterfield and what defenses and mitigating factors the court will consider to get the best possible outcome in your case.

What Can An Attorney in Chesterfield Do To Help?

The role of an attorney in a serious traffic offense is to educate you about your charge so that you understand exactly what impact it can have. Your Chesterfield speeding ticket attorney will also review the possible defenses available to you, but also to review the prosecution’s case to determine what evidence they may have against you. An attorney will work to develop a strategy to either challenge the case or mitigate the damages that could be imposed on a case.

In addition, an attorney can negotiate with the prosecutors to resolve the matter with an aim at getting the charge reduced or dismissed.