Victor T.

Andrew Lindsey worked a miracle for me. I was in a BAD situation. I drive for a living and the airport police were trying to charge me with a bogus misdemeanor based on where I was parked. It was a very stressful allegation because I have no criminal record and the cop was really out to get me. I was immediately put at ease after first calling Mr. Lindsey for a consultation. He dug through the weird local code that I was charged under, and explained the multiple ways that we could beat the charge based on mistakes the officer made. I was very angry that this was happening in general, and Mr. Lindsey shared my point of view. Ultimately the charge got thrown out after Mr. Lindsey schooled the airport cop on how he’s been messing up the law and people’s lives this whole time! Not only did Mr. Lindsey execute exactly as promised at a very affordable rate, he also influenced the officer to stop doing this in the future. I could not have asked for a lawyer to defend my best interests better than Andrew. This brilliant man will exceed your expectations!