Hanover Reckless Driving Lawyer

In Virginia, there are numerous different actions that may result in a reckless driving charge. In fact, reckless driving is sometimes considered a catch-all charge under which any type of activity that a law enforcement officer considers dangerous could be deemed reckless driving. However, this vagueness in the law gives your Hanover reckless driving lawyer some room to argue before the court that certain actions do not actually constitute reckless driving. A Virginia reckless driving lawyer can examine the facts surrounding your case and determine whether you may be eligible for reduced or dismissed charges.

Offenses That May Be Considered Reckless Driving in Virginia

Excessive speeding is one of the most common reasons a driver may be cited with a reckless driving violation. Both speeding by more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and speeding at more than 80 miles per hour can be considered excessive speeding under Virginia Code § 46.2-862. Driving too fast for traffic conditions could also be considered reckless driving. However, speedometers can be notoriously unreliable in determining actual speed. If you have been charged with excessive speeding or reckless driving and believe you were not going as fast as you were charged, your Hanover reckless driving attorney can investigate whether the device was working reliably.

Racing and driving in a manner dangerous to others are also broad categories that constitute reckless driving. Many drivers are surprised to learn that reckless driving charges are not limited to instances of highway driving or driving on public roads.  Racing or driving dangerously on driveways, business properties, the property of a church, school, or recreational facility, or any other private property can be considered reckless driving, unless racing is specifically allowed by the property owner under Virginia Code § 46.2-865.

Improper passing violations are another common form of reckless driving and can include passing another vehicle at a railroad crossing, passing a vehicle at a crest or grade, passing a school bus or emergency vehicle improperly and passing two vehicles abreast. Preventing others from safely passing or failing to share the roadway properly – by driving two abreast in a single lane or failing to yield right-of-way, for instance – can also result in a reckless driving charge.

Driving on faulty brakes, not maintaining proper control over a vehicle, failing to signal, driving with an overloaded car or obstructed view, and driving dangerously in a parking lot or other public area are all additional situations that could potentially lead to a reckless driving violation. If you have been charged with reckless driving – regardless of the reason – your reckless driving attorney in Hanover can be your legal advocate, telling your side of the story to the court.

Consult an Experienced Hanover Reckless Driving Lawyer

No matter what the circumstances that prompted a reckless driving charge, your Hanover reckless driving lawyer can help. Your Hanover reckless driving attorney can ask the court to consider the specific situation that led to the charges against you and point out important facts that may highlight your conduct as the safest driving choice under the circumstances. Weather and road conditions, emergency situations, and the actions of other drivers on the road are all relevant issues your Hanover reckless driving lawyer will want to investigate and point out to the court in its consideration of the charges against you.