Loudoun County Traffic Lawyer

In Loudoun County, traffic offenses range from an infraction to the more serious misdemeanor and felony charges. Each of these is taken seriously by law enforcement officers with much harsher penalties as the level of offense goes up. Therefore if you are charged with a traffic offense it is important you consult with a Loudoun County traffic lawyer to understand the implications of what you are facing and to help you figure out the best possible defense for your specific situation.

To learn more about the different types of traffic offenses in Virginia, including speeding and reckless driving, read below before calling and scheduling a free consultation today.

Traffic Offenses in Loudoun County

There are three different levels of offenses in Virginia traffic cases they are, traffic infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. The difference is in the punishment and in the long term consequences. An infraction is not punishable by jail time and a conviction only affects somebody’s driving record, which completely disappears over time. In contrast, misdemeanors and felony traffic offenses are criminal charges which carry jail time as a possibility and the penalties can also include heftier fines than a traffic infraction. Long term consequences for criminal charges are that a criminal record is forever, and can have an impact on a variety of other aspects of someone’s life.

Due to these varying degrees of consequences it is imperative you understand which level of offense you are facing and prepare yourself accordingly. For more information consult with a Loudoun County traffic lawyer as soon as possible.

Penalties For a Traffic Offense

Penalties from traffic offenses can directly affect your life by forcing you to pay fines, taking away your freedom with jail time, and having your driving privileges suspended long term. A criminal record shows up in any background checks as well. This can affect future opportunities, like your ability to obtain housing, employment, security clearances, and student loans.

A Loudoun County Traffic Lawyer Can Help

The role of an attorney in a serious traffic case in Virginia is to help you prepare before and during court so that you can have the best results possible for your case. An experienced Loudoun County traffic attorney will know how to properly introduce relevant evidence at your trial and will be able to provide a strong cross examination of the other side in an effort to create reasonable doubt for your case, which ideally could have the effect of having your case dismissed altogether.

If that’s not possible, then your Loudoun County traffic lawyer could also argue to have the charge reduced to a lesser charge, or can at least mitigate the damages caused by the penalties imposed by the judge.