McKenney Reckless Driving Lawyer

Many individuals erroneously assume that reckless driving is a run-of-the-mill traffic violation that warrants a fine or ticket. Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong, and many drivers are shocked to find out that reckless driving warrants a Class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Virginia. If found guilty, you could lose your driving privileges.

However, by working with an experienced McKenney reckless driving lawyer during your case, the chances of a judge reducing or dismissing your charge will be significantly higher than if you decide to represent yourself. Contacting an experienced defense attorney to learn more about reckless driving and its legal ramifications is essential.

Defining Reckless Driving

Law enforcement officials have the right to charge a motorist with reckless driving if they believe that the motorist’s driving endangers the lives of others. According to the Code of Virginia, a driver can also be charged with reckless driving for the following:

  • Passing an emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck or ambulance
  • Attempting to pass at a curve
  • Passing a stopped school bus while it is loading or unloading passengers
  • Operating a vehicle with faulty breaks
  • Racing another vehicle
  • Failure to yield right-of-way

Despite the long list of charges above, the overwhelming majority of reckless driving charges are related to speeding. The Code defines reckless driving as exceeding the posted speed limit by more than 20 mph or driving over 80 mph (regardless of the posted speed limit).

Possible Penalties

As any McKenney reckless driving attorney can explain, there are numerous penalties for reckless driving. As in most cases, individuals with a history of criminal charges will face more severe charges than first-time offenders. However, the state has the right to impose the following penalties on reckless drivers:

  • Six points on an offenders DMV record
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Maximum $2500 fine
  • Imprisonment

All convicted individuals will be required to pay a fine of at least $250. Since a charge of reckless driving is documented on an individual’s criminal record, they may have difficulty finding a job, getting a security clearance, or obtaining affordable car insurance.

Charge Dismissal or Reduction

A skilled McKenney reckless driving lawyer may be able to have their client’s reckless driving charge reduced. The state gives individual courts a significant amount of discretion in regards to reckless driving cases, and section 46.2-869 of the Code of Virginia allows judges to reduce reckless driving charges to charges of “improper driving.”

Improper driving is not a criminal charge, and if found guilty, the legal repercussions will not be as severe. Improper driving warrants points on someone’s DMV record, in addition to a mandatory fine of $500.

Consulting a McKenney Reckless Driving Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is a wise decision when it comes to combating reckless driving charges. A reckless driving lawyer in McKenney can help you do the following:

  • Understand the complicated courtroom procedures
  • Comprehend the law and the charges you are facing
  • Make the best decisions in regards to your case
  • Advocate on your behalf

By hiring a McKenney reckless driving lawyer, you can increase your chances of having your charges dismissed or reduced. Experienced local attorneys strive to represent all of their clients to the highest of their ability, and they will never stop working for you. Contact a skilled attorney today to discuss your reckless driving charge.