Different Types of Traffic Infractions in Richmond

Cited for a traffic offense in Richmond? Here is what you need to know about the differing levels of severity regarding various traffic offenses in Richmond. For specific information regarding your case, call and schedule a consultation with a Richmond speeding ticket attorney today.

Seriousness of Traffic Offenses in Richmond

Traffic offenses in Richmond can be very serious, and every offense ranging from speeding tickets to reckless driving all can have a significant impact on your privilege to drive. These offenses can have a long-term impact on your driving record, on your insurance, and in some cases on your criminal record. The best way to handle these serious offenses is to get a local attorney that understands how the Richmond courts operate and can negotiate with the prosecutor to try and get the matters reduced, dismissed, or amended to a charge that won’t have a long-term impact on your record. You also want an attorney that has knowledge of the policies and procedures that will ultimately get a positive outcome in your case.

Minor And Major Traffic Offenses

Minor offenses in the city of Richmond are charges like stop sign violations, red light violations, failing to yield or following too close in an auto accident. Other minor offenses include minor speeding tickets like speeding 1 to 9 or speeding 10 to 14. The major traffic offenses in the city of Richmond are usually reckless driving tickets, high-speed tickets, or DUI cases. These serious charges like reckless driving and DUI cases can and often do come with jail sentences as well as license suspension.

These infractions can differ a great deal as simple traffic infractions come with a fine only, and do not often come with any license suspension or the possibility of jail. Misdemeanor traffic offenses, on the other hand, come with the possibility of an active jail sentence, a long-term license suspension, and a high fine. Furthermore, felony traffic offenses such as a DUI third offense or habitual offender charge come with a long-term jail sentence and license revocations lasting a minimum of three years.

Offenses Negatively Impact Life

If convicted of one of these serious offenses your criminal record will permanently effected which can impact your job and ability to receive promotions especially where a security clearance is concerned.  In addition, many of these charges come with a license suspension, which will severely disrupt your daily life and impact you financially by forcing you to obtain SR-22 high-risk insurance once you reinstate your license.

Role of A Richmond Traffic Attorney in A Serious Traffic Case

The role of an attorney in a serious traffic offense in Virginia is first to educate you on the charge, then to review the defenses possible, and to understand exactly what the prosecution’s case and evidence will be.  Based on this information an attorney must develop a strategy to address the charge with the goal of getting it reduced or dismissed.

Additionally, an attorney can negotiate with the commonwealth attorney prior to your trial date in an attempt to get that matter settled or negotiate a plea. An attorney can also help you prepare mitigation factors, in other words getting letters of reference, getting a calibration on your vehicle, and possibly doing a driving school in advance. All these factors can be used to try and lessen the damage that a serious traffic offense can cause.