Virginia Aggressive Driving Lawyer 

Aggressive driving is similar to reckless driving, but it has a few other elements and is a little bit more complex. Aggressive driving incorporates multiple driving behaviors, including driving on the left side of the highway, failing to obey marked lanes, following too closely, or stopping on a highway. These actions are hazardous to other persons with the intent to harass, intimidate, or hurt another person.

Aggressive driving is a mental state and that is what pushes it into criminal charges. Aggressive driving is a common charge that experienced Virginia aggressive driving lawyers can assist in fighting. To learn more or get started on your defense, contact an experienced professional attorney today.

Level of Offenses

Aggressive driving is a Class Two misdemeanor, meaning that it is a criminal offense. There are four classes of misdemeanors. Reckless driving is a Class One misdemeanor, aggressive driving is a Class Two misdemeanor. It is less serious, but it is still up there on the scale and is still a criminal charge making it important that a Virginia aggressive driving attorney is consulted.

What Officers Look For

Law enforcement takes a look at the circumstances. They would look for clues as to what the person was thinking. For example, if the person switched over to the left side of the road when looking at their phone to text somebody, an officer would say, “Clearly you showed intent to harm others because you would not look at your phone and text while driving.”

If it was an emergency, the person was trying to call 911 because there was an accident, and the person happens to swerve on the other side, they may decide to not charge the person with something as severe. They would look at the circumstances and adjust accordingly. They look for facts or indications as to what the person was thinking at that time. Was the person being reckless and picking up their phone at that time or was the person reckless and looking down at their texts?

Expectations of Aggressive Driving Case

An aggressive driving charge is similar to reckless driving in that it has aspects of a speeding charge rather than a speeding traffic infraction. It could have some demerit points. It also has criminal ramifications, which is a fine, court costs, criminal conviction, a notation on the person’s driving record, and no notation on the person’s criminal record.

How a Virginia Aggressive Driving Lawyer Can Help

Similar to reckless driving or traffic cases, Virginia aggressive driving lawyers look at the circumstances of what happened and they figure out what happened on the scene. Because of the nature, factors, and elements of aggressive driving, there could be some defenses or some things that can be asserted on behalf of the offender. There could be a lot of explanations that would explain the conduct of the person more than what the officer assessed.