Attempt to Elude an Officer Defense in Fairfax 

A person can be found guilty of an AEO charge in addition to any other appropriate underlying traffic offenses. It is similar to traffic and criminal cases in that there is a trial date for the Class 2 misdemeanor portion. The endangerment charge requires a preliminary hearing in the general district court and then a trial in the circuit court by a jury trial or a bench trial.

The case starts in the general district court and moves up to the circuit court for the endangerment component for the regular eluding, which is a Class 2 misdemeanor. When the person charged with eluding gets a hearing and their trial date is in general district court, the court has the right and authority to dispose of the case at that time. In order to give yourself the best chance at building a defense from eluding charges it is important to seek the assistance of a Fairfax attempting to elude lawyer as soon as possible.

Penalties and Consequences

When the person is found guilty, there is a fine and the possibility of six months in jail for the Class 2 misdemeanor. There can also be consequences with the Department of Motor Vehicles because the charge is a traffic misdemeanor. Points can be assessed. Also, the insurance company could raise the premiums for the person because they are considered a risky driver.

When a person eludes a law enforcement officer and endangers one or interferes with the operation of the law enforcement vehicle they are charged with a Class 6 felony. There is an added level of severity of the punishment when an officer is killed at that time. The charge becomes a Class 4 felony, which is more severe than a Class 6 felony.

Attempting to Elude Officer in Fairfax Defense

A lawyer will look at the facts to determine what took place. They look to see whether the elements are satisfied. Especially important is whether any defenses apply. This is particularly important in the case of eluding because one defense provided by the statute is that the person reasonably believed they were being pursued by someone other than law enforcement. This is considered a defense prior to the person’s liability under the statute. The defense lawyer first looks at the facts, assesses the case, and determines the points of weakness or strength. They also look at any mitigation that is acceptable and achievable. The lawyer might ask the person to carry out some tasks in preparation for their court date. These are all to prepare for a defense for attempting to elude an officer in Fairfax.

Importance of an Experienced Fairfax Traffic Lawyer

It is crucial that the person contacts an experienced traffic lawyer because they know the Commonwealth’s attorneys and judges. An experienced lawyer knows how a difficult case will be disposed of because of the precedent. They have seen similar cases and they are able to assess what needs to happen.

When a person is convicted of the statute, their driver’s license is suspended for a period between one month and one year as assigned by the judge. However, if the traffic offense that resulted was for driving more than 20 miles over the speed limit, the suspension period is 90 days. For more on attempting to elude an officer in Fairfax defenses, contact a professional lawyer.