Fairfax Demerit Point System

In Virginia, the uniform demerit point system is used for assigning demerit points on driver’s driving records. If someone is licensed in Virginia then they are automatically subject to the uniform demerit point system. Below, a Fairfax traffic lawyer discusses what you should be aware of regarding demerit points, and what will happen if you accumulate too many. To learn more or challenge your ticket, call and schedule a consultation today.

What Determines The Points Assigned to a Particular Offense?

What defines each particular offense is determined by the department of motor vehicles. Each offense is assigned a certain number of points, and a list is available online or at your local DMV.

The demerit points last two years on somebody’s driving record while the actual convictions have varying lengths depending on how many points they have. Additionally, Virginia includes points for infractions from all over Virginia and there are also many other states which report violations to Virginia if an out of state driver from Virginia commits an infraction in their state.

Accumulating Too Many Points in Fairfax

Typically, someone who receives 18 points with a year or 24 points within two years will be considered to have accumulated too many points and then will be punished by having their license suspended.

Impact On Your Virginia Driving Record

Long term, your driving record will take a while for the points to be dropped down back to baseline. This can take a variety of years of good behavior and accumulating no new convictions.  As far as insurance, the department of motor vehicles notifies a driver’s insurance as soon as they’re made aware of new convictions. New convictions can cause someone’s insurance rates to go up usually for three years or more.

However, out of state licenses are not subject to this point system. Instead, they’re subject to their own point system as decided by their home state.

Getting Points Removed From Your License

Someone who wants to remove points from their license may voluntarily take a driver improvement class which will result in five positive points. They can do this once every two years. Over time, the points will disappear on their own. For every year of good driving behavior, driver’s get one more positive point which can result in up to five.

So you need to go to a hearing at all to get your points removed from your license.

How Can a Fairfax Traffic Lawyer Help?

Virginia traffic lawyer can help you obtain a restricted driver’s license if your license ends up suspended from having too many demerit points. A lawyer for Virginia traffic can also help you fight charges before this becomes an issue so that you don’t have the demerit points assigned in the first place and then you can just retain your full driving privileges.