Types of Speeding Offenses in Fauquier County

Traffic cases in Virginia can be very serious, ranging from minor little traffic infractions that won’t really have much of an effect at all, to really serious ones that can carry harsh penalties and long-term jail time. With this in mind, a Fauquier County speeding ticket lawyer can represent you in either one and ideally will make the situation much more manageable. They can help you get the charges reduced or dismissed and at the very least provide you peace of mind by explaining to you exactly what you are up against and how to handle it.

Infractions v. Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

In Fauquier County, traffic infractions are not going to be punishable by jail time. A conviction for a traffic infraction will only effect somebody’s driving record which will go away over time. How long the conviction remains depends on what the charge is. In contrast, misdemeanors and felony traffic offenses are criminal charges, which not only have an effect on somebody’s driving record, but also affect somebody’s criminal record. Criminal charges have bigger penalties in general and they are jailable offenses which means that you could be facing jail time if you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony traffic offense.

In Virginia an example of a minor traffic offense is driving with one headlight out or driving while having tinted windows. An example of a major traffic offense in Virginia is reckless driving or driving on a suspended license, both of which are criminal offenses.

Impact of Penalties

Penalties can have a negative impact on your life immediately and long term. Immediately, you will have to pay the fine and potentially you will face jail time. In the long term it will have an effect on future opportunities. Every time somebody does a background check on you, which is very common in a lot of jobs in the DC area, these misdemeanors and felonies will come up and may be questioned. They can also have an effect on your ability to obtain housing or student loans. If you have too many all at once then your driver’s license is at the risk of being suspended as well.

Role of Fauquier Traffic Lawyer

A Virginia traffic attorney helps the client by first explaining what they are up against and explaining what the charges mean. Sometimes the charges can be very vague or very confusing and it is good to know what exactly you need to prove in court in order to get out of them or to have them reduced. A Fauquier traffic attorney can guide you through this by properly introducing evidence at your trial and providing strong cross examination of the law enforcement officers that charged you in the first place. Attorneys know how to cast reasonable doubt on the facts of the case to get the case dismissed or reduced and they can help you negotiate for lesser penalties if it is impossible to get anything else done.