What To Expect From a Newport News Reckless Driving Case

Someone should expect from the process of a Newport News reckless driving case that it will be substantially very similar to any other traffic infraction. They can expect that if they hire a Newport News reckless driving attorney the attorney will be there along with the officer and both sides will have to testify as to what happened and both sides will have the opportunity to question the other side.

The judge will ask for any evidence and will ask how the defendant is pleading and if the defendant would like to say anything in regards to the sentencing. The sentence will be decided right there on the spot on the same day after both sides have given all their testimonial evidence, and then the case will be closed.

How Does Newport News Treat Reckless Driving Cases?

Newport News takes reckless driving very seriously. The judges rule harshly but no more harshly than the judges in the other Hampton Roads jurisdictions.

Reckless Driving vs Speeding Tickets

Reckless driving is a category of speeding ticket, however, reckless driving is a criminal charge whereas general speeding is a traffic infraction. This means that if you are convicted of reckless driving, the conviction remains on your criminal record for the rest of your life and also comes with possible jail time, whereas a traffic infraction comes with no jail time at all. It is only a fine and it only affects your driving record which over time will just disappear.

How Do You Know Whether You Were Charged?

The fastest way to know whether you were charged with reckless driving or just speeding ticket is to look carefully at the document that you signed that was given to you by the officer that pulled you over. It should specify whether it is reckless driving or speeding. If you are still not sure then you can check on the court’s website.  If it is categorized as a misdemeanor then it is reckless driving, if it says that it is an infraction then you know that it is just speeding.

Appearing in Court

For a reckless driving charge you will be required to appear in court. For speeding ticket you have the option of prepaying. Prepaying may seem convenient, but it is not always the best option. Prepaying is equivalent to admitting guilt for the charge, and will result in a conviction on your driving record as well as demerit points on your license. It’s better to appear in order to have the opportunity to have the ticket reduced or dismissed.