Virginia Beach Traffic Point System

The uniform demerit point system is how Virginia assesses demerit points on Virginia’s driver’s driving records. The uniform demerit point system does not apply to out of state drivers because each state has its own way of doing things. The Virginia system uses points in an attempt to deter and penalize traffic offenders in Virginia. Either points will be added or subtracted depending on different behaviors with positive points being a good thing and negative points resulting in penalties. These penalties can be as much as a suspended driver’s license if too many points are accumulated. Someone who’s licensed to drive in Virginia is automatically subject to the uniform demerit point system. The DMV is the entity in charge of determining which points go with which offense. If you log on to the DMV website, there should be a list that shows how many points are attached to each specific offense. Demerit points last two years on your records.

Points can be assessed on your license for traffic violations ranging from speeding tickets in Virginia Beach to reckless driving charges.

If you receive 18 points within a year or 24 points within two years then it becomes ground for license suspension. As soon as the DMV becomes aware of any new demerit points from a conviction then your insurance is notified as well which can cause your insurance rates to go up and can take years of good behavior to drop down again. If accused of a violation that includes demerit points, it may be in your best interest to contact a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer to minimize the penalty against you.

Damage Control on DMV Points in Virginia Beach

While you cannot challenge the points attached to your license themselves it is possible for you to challenge the charges that ultimately led to the points. By appealing the charges within ten calendar days of a conviction or by petitioning to have the case reopened within six calendar days of a conviction.

Over time points will disappear for every year of good driving behavior, and it’s also possible to voluntarily take a driver improvement class for five positive points every two years.

First Things To Do If Facing a Traffic Charge in Virginia Beach

If someone is facing serious traffic charges in Virginia Beach, they should be absolutely certain of what exactly their charges are. Sometimes people may believe that they’re charged with one thing but in actuality, the charge is something completely different or was actually a list of various charges that they didn’t realize had been passed on.

They should also speak with an attorney to determine what their options are going forward as well as to understand what rights they have. It’s best to not discuss their charges with anyone besides their attorney. There are plenty of people who think they know what they’re talking about because of one court experience or because of their friend’s experience or a story they heard. Each jurisdiction is a little bit different and each person charged comes from a different background and prior record. An attorney can determine what is likely to happen to you based on the details of your exact situation instead of guessing based on someone else’s experience.