Fairfax Speeding Tickets and Out of State Drivers

If you are an out of state driver who has received a speeding ticket in Virginia, the following is what you should know about how to handle your ticket and the steps you need to take. To learn more or seek representation call a Fairfax speeding ticket lawyer today.

First Steps An Out of State Driver to Take After Receiving a Ticket in Fairfax

The very first thing that an out-of-state driver should do if they receive a speeding ticket in Fairfax is to verify that was they’ve been issued is a traffic infraction for speeding rather than excessive speeding, which would be a criminal offense of reckless driving. This is really important for them to do because it changes what their options are going forward. If they have been issued a reckless driving ticket, they have to come back to court to appear in person to answer to the charge.  For some lower speeds of reckless driving, it is possible to have an attorney appear for you, but not always and sometimes it’s subject to the court’s approval, which can take time.  An out-of-state driver who is issued any kind of ticket should not delay in moving quickly when they receive their ticket.

The second step that an out of state driver needs to take is they should get an attorney because coming back to Fairfax is expensive. It’s inconvenient to have to come all the way back and an attorney most of the time can appear for somebody and save them the time and hassle of having to come back while still giving them the opportunity to contest the charges.

Out of State Driver Doesn’t Pay The Ticket

The same thing that would happen to an in-state driver that doesn’t pay a ticket by the due date. Fairfax sends the out-of-state driver’s home state information regarding any offenses that happened in Virginia.  Because of this, the driver’s home state is likely to take the same kind of action that they would take had the driver failed to pay the fines in their own state.

If they don’t pay the ticket, does the fine double?

No, the fine wouldn’t double.  It would be whatever the home state decides to issue as the penalty.

Does Fairfax Send Ticket Information To The Driver’s Home State?

Yes. Virginia  is a state that is included in the driver’s license compact, which most of the states are also included in. These states have all agreed to notify each other if anyone in an out-of-state situation receives a traffic violation. This means that Fairfax and Virginia forward information to the driver’s home state whenever they issue them a ticket and usually, it’s treated the same exact way if the ticket was issued in a home state by the home state as long as the offense actually exists in the home state or there is something comparable.

In cases of nonpayment, Fairfax and Virginia still notify other states and it’s very possible for the home state then to start the proceedings for license suspension against the driver.