Role of An Attorney For Fairfax Speeding Ticket Cases

It’s important to have an aggressive Fairfax speeding ticket lawyer to ensure that all the possible defenses are explored to the fullest extent and that the police officer is strongly cross examined so that there is no doubt as to whether or not you should be found guilty. An aggressive lawyer will be sure to prepare the part of the officer’s testimony and try their best to shed reasonable doubt on anything that the officer says that may be the cause for finding you guilty. To discuss what an attorney may be able to do for your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Can You Cross-Examine The Officer Without a Lawyer Present?

You are allowed to cross examine the officer without a lawyer present, however, if you chose to cross examine the officer and you do not have a lawyer, you are still going to be treated the same way that a lawyer would be treated. This means that you’re subject to the rules of evidence just the same way that someone who passed the bar exam would be.  If you violate these rules, your questions will not be allowed to be asked and you won’t be able to get your evidence admitted. For this reason, it is often preferable to hire an attorney so that you can get the best results possible and make sure all the evidence is properly admitted and considered by the judge.

Negotiating Speeding Penalties in Fairfax

A speeding ticket lawyer may also negotiate penalties but this is a tricky thing to do because oftentimes, charges have standard penalties or the judge doesn’t really deviate much from the same penalties for everyone in similar situation. As a result, it’s very important to know that what you’re negotiating is actually better than what the judges are giving you and is a good deal for the situation. The last thing you want to do is offend the judge by trying to negotiate a better deal when he’s already cut you a huge break.

Can You Plead Nolo Contendere To a Speeding Ticket?

Yes, you can plead nolo contendere in Fairfax speeding ticket cases. In Fairfax, generally, we call this a no contest plea. No contest pleas mean that while you are not admitting to the charge, you are not disputing the charge and accept the punishment that comes with it. There is not really much benefit to doing this at all except that it makes some people feel better  It’s the same thing as a guilty plea in effect.

How a Virginia Traffic Attorney Can Help With Speedometer Calibration

Often times, drivers will get their speedometer calibrated in an effort to prove that their speedometer was incorrect and therefore, the speed that they were going was not the speed that they believed that weren’t going. This is, in some cases, a very strong piece of evidence. However, in order to have this admitted into evidence you must be able to convince the judge.  Some judges are very strict on the rules and will require a foundation to be laid before any evidence is admitted.  Other judges are a little bit more lenient and will just allow you to hand up the calibration certificate to the judge and tell him what it is.  An attorney can help ensure that whatever way that the court decides to do it will be done properly and that your evidence will be admitted.