Norfolk Traffic Lawyer

Traffic offenses in Norfolk can be very serious. They can cause dire consequences such as license suspension, which can have a great effect on somebody’s future opportunities. A Norfolk traffic lawyer can definitely help you adequately manage the legal system and figure out what your options are to get the best results for your situation.

In Norfolk an example of a minor traffic offense is simple speeding or running a stop sign. An example of a major traffic offense is a DUI or a hit and run or reckless driving.

Traffic Infractions, Misdemeanors, and Felonies

A traffic infraction is not punishable by jail time or loss of driving privileges. A conviction will only be present on somebody’s driving record and over time will completely disappear.

Misdemeanors and felonies in contrast are criminal charges. The penalties are much harsher and can include jail or prison time as well as hefty fines. Conviction will not only affect somebody’s driving record for some time but will also remain on their criminal record for the rest of their lives.

1st Things To Do If Facing Norfolk Traffic Charges

The first thing someone should do if they are facing serious traffic charges in Norfolk is that they should know exactly what charge it is that they are facing, as well as the implications of a conviction.

It is important to know the possible immediate penalties as well as any long term consequences that may result from a conviction.

Someone facing serious traffic charges should also begin building a strong defense for their case and preparing for their day in court. The best way to do all of these things is to get a Norfolk traffic lawyer.

Penalties for Traffic Convictions

Penalties associated with misdemeanors and felony traffic offenses can be serious. Because this is a permanent conviction it can have an effect far more reaching than just the immediate consequences of possible jail time and fine.

Long term, it can affect your privilege to drive by potentially causing your license to be suspended or even revoked. It can also have an effect on anything that requires a background check, as it will always appear in background checks that include criminal records. This can impact future opportunities, such as the ability to obtain housing or other employment or even student loans.

Tips When Facing Serious Traffic Offenses in Norfolk

Someone facing serious traffic charges in Virginia should become as educated as possible as to what those serious charges actually mean for them. In Virginia, there are a few charges that are a little bit different from other states; such as, reckless driving by excessive speed. It is very common for out of state drivers to receive this charge, believing that they just received a speeding infraction and it is not a big deal. However, in Virginia, reckless driving by excessive speed is a Class 1 Misdemeanor which is a very serious criminal charge. The best thing to do when facing serious traffic charges in Virginia, is to know exactly what it is that you are facing and the implications of it.

The Role of a Norfolk Traffic Lawyer

A Norfolk traffic attorney’s role is to help you obtain the best results possible for your situation. This is done by properly introducing evidence at your trial and by providing strong cross examination of the police officer that issued you the ticket.

The traffic lawyers in Norfolk can help you because they know how to cast reasonable doubt on the facts of a case to possibly get the case dismissed or they can also negotiate for a lesser charge or for even lesser penalties.

How Traffic Attorneys Can Help Out-of-State Drivers

If you are an out of state driver with a traffic ticket in Virginia, a Norfolk traffic lawyer can help you fight these charges. They can do this by appearing for you so that you don’t have to come back to Virginia to answer to the charges and they can appear in court and see if there is a possibility of having the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.