Getting Points On Your License in Norfolk

The Uniform Demerit Point system is used in Norfolk for assessing demerit points on a driver’s driving record. If someone has a Virginia driver’s license, then they are subject to this system automatically. There are severe consequences associated with these points, so it is important to contest these points by contacting a Norfolk traffic lawyer.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has a set number of points for each offense and this list can be found online. After a conviction, the demerit points stay on the driving record for a certain number of years. The length of time that the actual conviction remains on the record varies for each offense, with more serious offenses remaining for longer periods of time. For example, a conviction for reckless driving remains for 11 years, and carries 6 points.

Consequences of Demerit Points in Norfolk

The consequence of racking up points typically is that the points can cause somebody’s driver’s license to be suspended. Usually this happens to drivers who get:

  • 18 points within one year
  • Or 24 points within 2 years

It will take some time for the driver’s points to disappear and go back to zero.

Drivers receive one positive point for every year of good behavior, which means no new convictions. As far as insurance, the Department of Motor Vehicles notifies a driver’s insurance as soon as they are made aware of any new conviction. These new convictions can cause someone’s insurance rates to go up usually for 3 years. Each state can choose its own system to use but Virginia does not use points from infractions in other jurisdictions nor does the Virginia points system apply to any out of state drivers. For example, Virginia DMV may assess points when a Virginia driver receives a Maryland speeding ticket, but the amount of points would not be the same as Maryland MVA would assess to a Maryland driver under the same circumstances.

Challenging Points On Your Norfolk, VA License

It is not possible to challenge the points assessed to your license, but it is possible to challenge the convictions which ultimately led to the points on your license. This is done by appealing the charge within 10 days of the conviction or by reopening the case completely within 60 days.

Every year of positive behavior, which means no new convictions on your record, results in one positive point added to your license. You don’t have to go through a hearing; the passage of time is the only thing that can do this for you. It is also possible also to voluntarily take a driver improvement course every two years for 5 positive points.

A Local Norfolk Attorney Can Help

If your driving privileges are jeopardized due to license suspension from an accumulation of too many demerit points, a Norfolk traffic attorney can help you. A Norfolk traffic lawyer can help guide you through the process by helping you to obtain a restricted driver’s license so that you are still able to drive to the most important places in your life.

It is important to contact a Norfolk traffic lawyer as soon as possible to help you with this so that your driving privileges are not compromised for more time than it is necessary.