How Chesterfield Speeding Charges Are Proven in Court

If you have been pulled over and cited for speeding but plan on contesting your ticket in court, the following is what you need to know about the evidence and testimony that will likely be presented against you. For more specific information regarding your case or for help developing the strongest defense possible for your ticket, call and schedule a free consultation with a Chesterfield speeding ticket lawyer today.

Police Officers Involvement

Law enforcement officers will determine your speed based, number one, on their initial observations, number two, the radar device, or number three the Pace, if they use their vehicle to pace you. Those are the primary ways they use to determine speed.

In order to prove a speeding case in court the officer will typically testify as to what they observed and how your vehicle came to their attention. Additionally, they will also testify as to their radar and what it indicated or their Pace, if it was a Pace case. Then they will testify as to the accuracy of either their radar or the Pace of their vehicle. When testifying as to what their radar registered they will also provide evidence as to their radar maintenance and accuracy.

The law enforcement office must show that the radar was calibrated within six months of the stop and then check with a tuning fork before and after their shift.


LIDAR is a form of radar that police officers commonly use and may testify about in court. There have been instances where issues have been found with the LIDAR device. It can sometimes lock on too many targets or sometimes they can even be interfered with due to particles in the air or direct sunlight.

With LIDAR your defense attorney will want to review the documentation the officers have regarding the calibration of the equipment and that it was checked before and after their shift.

If I Wasn’t Going That Fast Is It My Word Against The Officers?

If you weren’t going that fast, it is up to you and/or your attorney to provide evidence to show that there’s an issue with the officer’s radar or your own vehicle. If it’s just your word versus the officer’s, you will lose as long as the officer had his radar calibrations in court. One of the ways to kind of counter this is to show that your speedometer may have been defective or reading off. This is a defense that we can sometimes raise to seek a reduction or possible dismissal.

Showing Up To Court For A Speeding Ticket

You’re not required to show up in court on a speeding ticket, however if you do not show up the Court will try you in your absence and find you guilty. If you have an attorney, they can often handle the case without you needing to appear. There are some cases where your appearance may be necessary to argue the case or beneficial to your cause, but in most cases, your appearance is not required as long as you have counsel.

Contacting a Chesterfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer

It’s very important to seek an experienced speeding lawyer in Chesterfield County because of the many the benefits that attorney can provide. An experienced attorney has the ability to negotiate with the prosecutors in Chesterfield County to attempt to get the charge reduced or dismissed.  Any experienced attorney will also know how to challenge the state’s evidence and argue your case before the Court. Finally, an experienced attorney will be able to prepare you for court and advised on the steps you can take to help mitigate the possible punishments