What to Expect From a Speeding Ticket in Chesterfield

If you receive a speeding ticket in Virginia, typically what you can expect is for it to come with some kind of fine and some kind of points against your license. Generally, a speeding ticket can range anywhere from 3 to 6 demerit points in addition to as high as a $250 fine. That fine can also be increased in certain cases such as if you were speeding in a school zone or other speed corridor. Each of these can create a problem with your insurance and lead to higher insurance premiums.

For these reasons, it is important you think long and hard about whether to challenge your ticket, as simply paying the fine means pleading guilty and accepting the points and everything else that comes with them. If you are unsure of what options you have at your disposal a Chesterfield speeding ticket lawyer can lay out your options and help you come to the right conclusion for your case.

Unique Aspects of a Speeding Ticket in Virginia

What most people don’t realize about speeding tickets in Virginia are the points that are associated with these tickets and how much of an impact these points can have. While demerit points may seem like minor consequences they have a detrimental impact on your insurance long term and go on your DMV record where they can lead to license suspension or revocation if you accrue too many. Additionally, what many individuals don’t realize is that reckless driving is a criminal charge and comes with the possibility of jail and a license suspension.

How Fast Do You Have to Go To Receive a Speeding Ticket?

You can be pulled over for going over 5 miles over the limit. It’s not common, most officers will usually give the leeway of up to 10 miles an hour or 15, but in some areas of Chesterfield, in particular residential and school zones, they will ticket for simply going 5 over the limit

Contact a Chesterfield Speeding Ticket Attorney

The main advantage of hiring an attorney for a speeding ticket in Virginia, and especially in Chesterfield, is that the attorney will be able to negotiate with the prosecution and the officers to attempt and get the charge either reduced or dismissed completely. An experienced attorney who has dealt with these people in the past can help as they will know how to fight these tickets and challenge the state’s evidence.

The main advantage for having an attorney on a speeding ticket in Virginia especially in Chesterfield is the attorney will be able to negotiate with the prosecutors and the officers in an attempt to try and get the charge either reduced and/or dismissed. An experienced attorney will also know how to fight these tickets and challenge the state’s evidence.