Chesterfield Speeding Frequently Asked Questions

If you or someone you know has been cited for speeding in Chesterfield, Virginia, the following are the most frequently asked questions people have after being charged. For more information on your charge or for legal assistance challenging your ticket, call and schedule a consultation with a Chesterfield speeding ticket lawyer today.

What Level of Offense is Speeding in Virginia?

A simple speeding charge in Virginia is an infraction, with a maximum fine of $250. On occasion they can be higher if the violation occurred in a work zone or a school zone or if the speeding was elevated to a charge of reckless driving. Speeding tickets also come with anywhere from 3 to 6 DMV demerit points, which can impact your license and your insurance rates.

Some of the other consequences of speeding ticket in Virginia are the DMV demerit points that come with those tickets. A significant accumulation of points within a short period of time can result in you being put on probation by DMV and having your license suspended.  In addition to that, significant points can obviously increase your insurance which over the long term can obviously increase your premiums and/or even result in what’s called SR-22 or high-risk insurance.

Speeding tickets in Virginia can also be issued in a number of ways. You can receive these citations for speeding on a highway, like interstate 95, Route 150, or Interstate 288. You can also receive a speeding violation for speeding in a residential area, school zone, or work zone.

Is Reckless Driving The Same As a Speeding Ticket?

Reckless driving is not a speeding ticket in Chesterfield though it can be charged as a result of high speed. Speeding in Chesterfield is a basic traffic infraction while reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor which carries the possibility of a high fine, an active jail sentence, and a license suspension.

Additionally, you can prepay a speeding ticket in Virginia, however by doing so you are pleading guilty and accepting the points that come with that ticket.

Importance of Hiring An Attorney

It’s important to seek an aggressive speeding ticket lawyer in Chesterfield County. These tickets can have significant impact on your on your record and negatively impact your insurance long term. Speeding tickets can result in a high fines, if they’re aggravated cases like reckless they can result in license suspension or even jail, so it’s very important to have an aggressive attorney that can either challenge the evidence against you and knows how to argue the case if necessary. An aggressive attorney can also negotiate with the prosecutors in an attempt to get the best result possible.

What Should An Out of State Driver Do If Charged For Speeding in Chesterfield?

If facing a speeding ticket in Virginia an out-of-state driver should definitely contact local counsel. You want to be able to retain an attorney who understands the particular court system, that is familiar with the judges and the prosecutors in that particular court system, and can provide you kind with an understanding of procedures and policies in that jurisdiction.