Requirement To Show Up to Court For a Norfolk Speeding Ticket

If you are facing a speeding ticket, and you are sure it is not a reckless driving charge, you are not required to show up to court for a speeding ticket. You are able to pay it online and accept the consequences. However, paying it online does mean that you are accepting guilt for the charge.

It is much better if you give yourself an opportunity to have the ticket reduced or dismissed by appearing in court or by hiring a Norfolk speeding ticket attorney to do so for you. Having someone present also allows you to have the opportunity to negotiate any penalties that may be imposed.

Penalties for Speeding in Norfolk

In Virginia, speeding is a traffic infraction. It is punishable by a fine and also demerit points on your driver’s license which will remain there for two years. It can cause your insurance rates to go up, and too many can result in a suspended driver’s license.

Other Consequences of Speeding Tickets

If you have too many speeding tickets in Virginia then your license could be suspended which means you lose your driving privileges.

Prepaying a Norfolk Speeding Ticket

You can prepay a speeding ticket in Norfolk, however, doing so is an admission of guilt to speeding. This should not be done unless you absolutely have no other option, which is never the case because you can hire an attorney who can appear for you. Having an attorney who can be present to contest the ticket can result ideally in having the ticket reduced or dismissed for you. Even if either of these results isn’t possible, an attorney can still negotiate how harsh the penalties will be.

Common Ways Speeding Tickets are Issued in Norfolk

In Virginia there is a whole bunch of ways that speeding tickets can be issued. We have a lot of traffic here in Virginia. During rush hour traffic, people get upset and try to break out of the traffic. This is very commonly a time where law enforcement officers target speeders.

A lot of times law enforcement officers patrol the areas where the speed changes, such as when someone exits the highway. This is because it is not uncommon for people to just not reduce their speed right away.

Out of State Drivers Facing Speeding Tickets

An out of state driver should get a local Norfolk attorney if they are facing a speeding ticket in Norfolk. Local attorneys can appear on their behalf in court in order to fight the charges. This could result in getting the charge reduced to a lower infarction or dismissed altogether.

It is not required for an out of state driver to appear in court in Virginia for a speeding ticket. It is possible for them to get an attorney to appear for them or they can prepay online and admit guilt and just accept the consequences.