Speeding Ticket Cases in Norfolk: What To Expect

In Norfolk, violations that are considered speeding include driving over the posted speed limit, driving too fast for current conditions or failing to obey special speed limit zones such as school zones. General speeding in Norfolk is a traffic infraction. It is punishable by a fine as well as demerit points on the driver’s driving record, which will remain on the record for two years. Therefore if you have been cited for speeding consult with a Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer to discuss your case and what you can expect.

Consequences of a Speeding Ticket

The consequences of speeding tickets in Virginia are a fine as well as demerit points. This can cause insurance rates to go up as well. If someone receives too many speeding tickets or other traffic convictions, it is also possible for those drivers to have their driver’s license suspended. Having a suspended license can have even more consequences on a personal level as it may affect somebody’s ability to go to work or to care for their family.

Prepaying a Speeding Ticket in Norfolk

It is possible in Virginia to prepay a speeding ticket. This is equivalent to pleading guilty in court, however. The effect of doing this are that you remove any possibilities of fighting the charge, which in turn removes the possibility of having the charge reduced to a lesser offense or having it dismissed altogether.

You cannot prepay if you have been charged with reckless driving in Norfolk.

Evidence the Officers Will Show in Court

Police officers use various methods of speed determination to determine how fast the drivers were driving. These instruments come with paperwork that shows the reading as well as the machine’s history regarding calibration and maintenance.

Do You Need To Show Up In Court?

It is not mandatory to show up in court for a speeding ticket but if you prepay the ticket you are essentially admitting guilt without giving yourself an opportunity to fight the charges.

Out-of-State Drivers and Speeding Tickets

If an out of state driver is charged with a speeding ticket in Virginia, the first thing that they should do is try to find local representation to help them navigate the system and figure out what the possibilities and options are in those circumstances.

Sometimes, it is possible for out of state drivers to not appear at all, particularly in speeding cases, and instead have their attorney appear for them. This can save them time, hassle, as well as money in terms of travel costs. In the long term it can save them even more money if the case is dismissed or the charges reduced because then they avoid the fines and any consequences that may come with a charge.