Attempt to Elude an Officer in Mecklenburg 

As defined by local law, an attempt to elude an officer in Mecklenburg is defined as any person who, having received a visible or audible signal from any law-enforcement officer to bring their motor vehicle to a stop, drives a motor vehicle in a willfully and wantonly disregardful manner. If someone attempts to escape from a law enforcement office whether on foot, in a vehicle, or by any other means, they would be found guilty of eluding.The officer has to have given the person a visible or audible signal to which they would understand they were meant to bring their vehicle to a stop or to halt, they are moving on foot, and at that point have to willfully and wantonly disregard that signal in an attempt to escape.

Officers will be looking at whether a person speeds up when an officer gets behind them. An officer will also be suspicious that someone is trying to elude them if they get behind them and the person continues for great distances without pulling over.They should expect a bit more of an intent of meeting on the side of the road if an officer believed that they had been attempting to elude. They should be prepared to remain calm and explain their reasoning and their behavior as to why they didn’t immediately pull over on the shoulder. When drafting a defense, an experienced traffic lawyer can take into account extenuating circumstances that may have caused you to elude an officer.

Misinterpretation of Driving Behaviors in Mecklenburg

It is common for people to attempt to elude an officer in Mecklenburg. The most common scenario is that an officer pulls out. They caught someone speeding, they pull out, but there is traffic and the person that insists that the officer’s pulled out at that point and thinks they have enough room to get away and most commonly, try an exit to the highway or freeway quickly enough to avoid being stopped. The key thing a person needs to watch with eluding is whether there has been any kind of visible or audible signal. If they haven’t cut their lights on, a person is in much better shape as far as getting off the highway.

Commonly, officers get frustrated when people fail to pull over for long periods of time and long distances. It is commonly a point of contention; the drivers can sometimes say that they didn’t have anywhere safe to pull over and then the officer will say “There were a number of locations” and where they ultimately stopped is very arbitrary in reference to safety as compared to anywhere else that they had driven passed.Sometimes, people panic and go a long distance down the road before they are calm down enough to pull over and that can be misinterpreted as an attempt to elude.

Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

Standard eluding is a Class 2 misdemeanor but it can be enhanced to either a Class 6 or a Class 4 felony depending on enhancements and the behavior whether or not anyone was injured or killed as a result of the pursuit specifically. A traffic lawyer can help facilitate communication between the Commonwealth attorney’s office, law enforcement, and the client about explaining the client’s behavior essentially. The attorney can also help provide a justification for why the defendant felt the need to attempt to elude an officer in Mecklenburg. If they pulled off of an exit, explaining that they actually had

The attorney can also help provide a justification for why the defendant felt the need to attempt to elude an officer in Mecklenburg. If they pulled off of an exit, explaining that they actually had business or a medical need or whatever reason for getting off at that exit, it wasn’t exactly specific in an intent to elude or evade or in the alternative, there are a lot of people who are afraid or panicked. They want to get to an area where they are comfortable stopping that isn’t necessarily something the officer would agree to which is reasonable. Contact an adept lawyer that can serve as a liaison between you and law enforcement.