Insurance Considerations in Mecklenburg Traffic Cases 

Many people may not know that people are not allowed to drive cars that are uninsured. Individuals are required to have insurance on their vehicle and if a person does not have insurance, they are required to pay an uninsured motorist deposit essentially. A person can either have insurance or they can pay the uninsured motorist penalty. Otherwise, they are in violation. If you wish to know more about insurance considerations in Mecklenburg traffic cases and how they could impact your case, reach out to a knowledgeable Mecklenburg traffic attorney who can help you.

Driving Behaviors

When a driver approaches a stop sign or a red light they should come to a complete stop. Failure to yield is either going to be a person blatantly running stop signs or not stopping at Iights. Sometimes there will be people in areas where it is not very high traffic, and potentially, they roll through stop signs, they go slow, but they do not actually come to a full stop. If a person is at a four-way stop, they do have to observe the right of way. Who is turning right, who is turning into traffic, who is turning against traffic, and that can be enforced if they do not observe the right of way.

One of the insurance considerations in Mecklenburg traffic cases to take into account is that if a person is the cause of the accident, their insurance is negatively going to be impacted and they can be convicted of reckless driving. The insurance company is going to respond based on individual facts of the failure to yield, how egregious it was, how much time and space a person has to observe that the vehicle that they had the collision  with –  does a person have any extenuating circumstances for running the red light or stop sign, and so on.

Circumstances Where Someone Might Face Uninsured Driving Charges

The DMV randomly monitors people for insurance and if a person is getting a divorce and they exchange insurances, the DMV is going to get a notice that their current policy has been canceled. At that time, they might mistakenly think before they receive it, or paperwork might just cross path the wrong way and they might essentially accuse a person of not being insured and there are consequences for that too. One of the insurance considerations in Mecklenburg traffic cases that people should take into account is the necessity of keeping insurance information updated.

Consequences of Traffic Violations

Most frequently, if a person is in an accident that involves failure to yield or running a red light or stop sign, they are going to be charged with some domination of running the red light, stop sign, failure to yield, and/or reckless driving. The consequences, if there are other vehicles involved, are going to be far-reaching for insurance consequences and liability and people who are injured; they could be looking at enhanced criminal consequences.

Failure to either insure a person’s car or pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee is a Class 3 misdemeanor and that is punishable by a fine of up to $500. Driving without insurance is an offense in and of itself and if a driver is caught driving without insurance, the Department of Motor Vehicles will require that the driver gets insured.

Contacting a Lawyer

An experienced Mecklenburg traffic lawyer will know which insurance considerations in Mecklenburg traffic cases will impact your case. Furthermore, a traffic attorney can help you dispute your ticket if you wish to do so, and can work hard to protect your rights. If you have received a traffic ticket, retain the services of a local traffic lawyer who can devote the necessary resources to your case.