Mecklenburg Demerit Point System 

Mecklenburg follows the Virginia DMV guidelines on points assessed for the individual driving violation. The amount of time that demerit points last on a person’s license varies based on the severity of the charge. The more severe the charge, the higher the points, the longer the conviction stays on a person’s record. Some actually stay on a person’s record permanently. When a driver accumulates too many points on their license, there are going to be insurance consequences initially and ultimately the risk of having a person’s license administratively suspended by the DMV.

The way that the Mecklenburg demerit point system works is, a driver can accumulate points indefinitely until their license is suspended. Generally, the judge is looking for people to be in the positive. The judges do not like to see driving records that reflect negative points. The judge in Mecklenburg doesn’t get into the accumulation of good points. However, the judge can allow people to complete driving school in exchange for consideration of lowering a traffic offense and driving school can be used in some cases to accumulate good points.  Mecklenburg looks at everything, including a person’s driving record, which usually includes everything committed in another jurisdiction barring any kind of bureaucratic oversight where a conviction wasn’t sent or put on someone’s driving record. A traffic lawyer can explain the intricacies of the point system and walk you through the process of challenging the points, if you choose to do so.

Challenging Points

Because the Mecklenburg demerit point system has a long-term impact of having insurance consequences, the defendant may not get consideration from judges and prosecutors and ultimately, the person risks having their license suspended. If an individual wants to challenge the points on their license, they should go to the Virginia DMV. They might want to start by going to the courthouse where the traffic offense is alleged to have occurred If they have a particular charge where they think they were assessed too many points or that they didn’t actually receive a conviction but a conviction appears on their DMV record, by going to the courthouse where the traffic offense is alleged to have occurred.

They should also procure a copy of their ultimate conviction order or outcome of the case, whether or not it was dismissed or amended to a lower charge, to show the DMV why they should change the number of points assessed. If someone wants points removed from their license, they should go through Virginia DMV and the Mecklenburg General District Courthouse to start the process. A traffic attorney can provide invaluable legal counsel and help streamline the process.

Role of a Lawyer

The Mecklenburg Demerit Point system can be difficult to navigate alone. An attorney can keep a person from getting another conviction that carries points ultimately in a traffic case but the defense’s general goal is a dismissal or a none moving conviction so that points are not assessed. There are also unlimited circumstances; things a person can do to gain positive points like accepted driving school courses that attorneys can direct people to if they haven’t already completed them within a certain number of years.