Mecklenburg License Suspension Lawyer

Driving without a license in Virginia is a common offense classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor. It is what many prosecutors will offer to take people down from driving with a suspended license, a Class 1 misdemeanor and that is under 46.2-301. It is a Class 2 misdemeanor which carries up to six months in jail.

Depending on how many priors the individual has, they should expect a license suspension, fine, and potentially jail time. Contacting a Mecklenburg license suspension lawyer who can help mitigate these charges may be critical to the outcome of your case. A distinguished defense attorney will have a local understanding of laws that can help them build an appropriate defense on your behalf.

Common Causes of License Suspensions

The most common causes of license suspensions or revocations in Mecklenburg are the failure to pay costs and fines within the period of time given by various courts which result in an automatic license suspension. Once the license is suspended, the payments start coming in and the individual will have to come to an understanding with the DMV. It can be an arduous process once a person’s license is suspended, and requires them to pay costs and fines.

DUI License Suspensions

There are automatic license suspensions that come with DUIs in Virginia and there are certain suspensions for DUIs the first time and a certain suspension for DUIs the second time, et cetera. There is the immediate administrative suspension that comes when a person is initially charged and that results automatically in the case of a DUI. A person could potentially beat the case at trial with a Mecklenburg license suspension lawyer and no longer have a suspended license. However, there are mandatory suspensions that they can mitigate with restricted licenses that can be issued after findings of guilt.

Suspension from Failure to Pay Fines

That is going to be a bureaucratic process through the clerk’s office. There are time restrictions from when a person is convicted of a traffic infraction or reckless driving, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor, they have a certain period of time that they have to pay their court costs and fines which are generally 30-days but most courts offer various payment plans which usually extends things at least 90-days for the client’s needs. However, if it is still not paid and they do not come back in to try and straighten it out the clerk’s office will notify the DMV and a person’s license will be suspended.

Suspension Penalties

Driving suspended in Mecklenburg is a Class 1 misdemeanor charge under 46.2-301 and it is most commonly driving with their license suspended. A person can face penalties for a license that was validly issued and at some point was suspended due to a certain number of points being assessed by the Virginia DMV. Reasons for this include traffic convictions, having costs and fines that have been addressed in a certain period of time. Their licenses are automatically suspended by DMV when the court passes along the information of these traffic offenses which can be moving or non-moving and have not been paid off.

Challenging License Suspensions

Drivers do not always need to go to court in order to challenge or appeal these suspensions. The two best places to start are going to be the DMV and clerk’s offices. The best way to protect a person’s license status is to get a Mecklenburg license suspension lawyer.

If it is a suspension that a person thinks was given in error, they would want to start with the clerk’s office that issued the suspension to get the appropriate information to challenge it. They need to start with the DMV in a compliance letter, the reason that their license is suspended in the DMV’s view on what that person needs to do, what courts they need to pay or address, and what waiting period is issued that they need to complete to get their license back.

Unlicensed Driving in Mecklenburg

Unlicensed driving is a traffic infraction, driving without having a person’s license with them. In Mecklenburg, the judge will commonly dismiss those charges if the person comes to court or hires a Mecklenburg license suspension lawyer and provides that attorney with proof that they had a valid license at the time and some explanation why they did not have it with them. It is an infraction and most commonly, the penalties are costs and fines.

They should expect to go to court and explain why they were driving without their license in possession and assure that that have been remedied, and they can either go to court to provide that information or retain an attorney to handle that.

Treatment of No License Cases

Driving while suspended is a bigger offense than driving with no license. It is a Class 2 misdemeanor, it only carries a maximum of six months and infrequently a jail time assessed but that certainly can vary based on a person’s previous record. While driving while suspended is a Class 1 misdemeanor carries up to 12 months and based on the person’s previous record and the reason that they were suspended, people have been given 12 months for driving while suspended.